6 Resume Boosters

6 Resume Boosters for the Quarantined Digital Nomad

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have freed up a huge amount of time that some have not had since they joined the workforce. Quite a few are realizing how impactful it can be to work from home, as are the businesses that employ them. While companies develop new strategies to accomplish their targets digitally, it’s uncertain what the job market will look like for digital nomads at the end of COVID-19. Some speculate on a boom in the sector, with employers seizing the opportunity to regain lost business once consumers regain regular spending cash. Others theorize that this pandemic will create a lasting impact of fiercer competition among nomads. But while we can’t predict what the future will hold, we can control our present to create better circumstances tomorrow.

For digital workers with a cleared up schedule, we’ve compiled a list of great courses, certifications, and skillsets that you can work towards during quarantine. They’ll keep you feeling productive, and are probably a more fulfilling way to spend your newly found free time than binge watching Netflix for 3 weeks straight. (Okay we’ll probably do that too!)

1. Polish your Marketing Skills at Hubspot

Many digital entrepreneurs have found the most lucrative way to accomplish this lifestyle is through marketing gigs. The Hubspot Academy is offering free certifications on key topics such as inbound sales, social media, email marketing, and content marketing. These easy to complete courses are a fast way for individuals interested in branching out to gain traction with employers.

2. Check out a Free Class on Coursera

One of the largest online education platforms is responding to the COVID-19 virus in an incredible way. Coursera is offering numerous free courses ranging from topics such as cloud technology, to leading a happy life, to graphic design, until May 31, 2020. Their website states that the discount will be applied at checkout and you can browse free courses here. (Side note-while courses are free; an official certification that can be sent to you may require a fee.)

3. Explore Google Skillshop

Okay, so this will vary from nomad to nomad depending on what your career field is. But essentially, Google offers loads of courses specifically designed to impress hiring managers and put you a top spot for when the job market opens back up. Within each course is a subset of more specified courses ripe for your choosing (for example, Google Ads certs separate into specifications like Display, Search, Shopping, etc.) It can be a little overwhelming for a beginner, so the best way to decipher which direction to take will be to look at what skills your dream job wants in an employee.

4. Learn a New Language

Learn a new language

Freelancers in writing, translation, tutoring, and transcription can exponentially broaden their work horizons with a new language. There are a plethora of options available online to establish a solid foundation in your new vernacular. Some of the most sought after languages by employers include English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. Duolingo is one of the most popular methods for free language learning and offers an app for easy access/reminders. If you’re looking for video lessons where you can chat via video, Fiverr is a great resource where you can compare private tutor rates for your language of choice. (Bonus – you’re supporting other freelancers!)

5. Get TEFL Certified

Not interested in learning a new language? No problem! You can always help other people learn your native tongue. There are thousands of new openings for online teachers as schools have closed down worldwide. If you aren’t sure about teaching, the certification is still pretty easy to obtain and won’t expire. Many teaching companies will require you to have a certification, but some want it to be from a specific program/body of accreditation, so take an extra look to be sure.

6. Build Your Own Website

No matter what field of the digital sector you’re in, having a website to showcase your work is a great idea. The process can seem daunting, but tools like SquareSpace and Wix make it easy for nomads to optimize their quarantine time for pretty cheap. Tap into your creative juices and standout from the crowd!

What interests have you been exploring during your stay-at-home orders? Tell us about how you want to expand your digital work sphere in the comments below!

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