10 benefits of having a website

10 Benefits of Having a Website as a Digital Nomad

In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of having a website as a digital nomad.

If you are a digital nomad already, then congratulations! You have made probably one of the best lifestyle transitions that you could do. So, now you have your laptop in your rucksack, taking it out every day, in a different location, to check messages from customers and potential clients. If you have not yet managed to make the leap of faith, you may still be asking the same question, but as more of a preemptive thought.

We all know what websites do and what they used for the most. But does that answer the question of if you should have one when you live in the world instead of an office? No. What we need to do is look at the benefits of owning a website.

Benefits Of Having A Website As A Digital Nomad

Before you look into the benefits of having a website as a digital nomad, the first thing you want to do is know what job you are going to do. If you are already a digital nomad, working, then great. However, if you are not, take a look at our jobs for a digital nomad article.

Benefits Of Having A Website As A Digital Nomad

Now that you have done that let’s have a look at the benefits of having a website. As you well know, being a digital nomad is being self-employed without specific premises for your home or work. You get to work wherever and whenever you like. The benefits of having a website as a digital nomad are much the same as any other business person. So, here are the top reasons you should get one as soon as possible.

Wider Reach

If you owned a brick and mortar shop in the middle of a busy city, then you are likely to have ample opportunities to get customers. Those ways include placing things outside the door to attract them to come in, offering local discounts on less busy days of the week, etc. However, how do you get business opportunities while sat in someone else’s cafe in the middle of a city whose language you hardly speak?

That is where the problem comes. However, if you are reading this in the written language of English, then you may know that it is the, depending on where and when you look, one of the top 3-5 spoken in the world. That comes in pretty handy when you are trying to find new customers.

Having a written website will allow billions of people from over the world to access your services and provide you with work.

Around-The-Clock Availability

Not everyone is in the same time zone as you are. And to be honest, as a digital nomad, it can be challenging to know which time zone you are in yourself. That is the beauty of having a website. You do not need to have specific opening hours. Some of the things that people get to see about you any time of the day, in any part of the world are:

  • Services.
  • Prices.
  • Contact details, or a contact form.
  • Showcased work.
  • Anything else that you want them to see. 

Around-The-Clock Availability

Not only will you be able to show off your skills, but you will be able to accept orders and payments from people on the opposite side of the planet. You can tell potential customers your website only minutes before going to bed. They can then go onto your site, purchase a product, and leave you a message, all for you to wake up to and see with your coffee.

Consumer Convenience

As you have seen in the section above, customer convenience significantly increases when you have a website. You may not be dealing with people from your home country who work at set times of the day. You may be working with another digital nomad who only works at night, or early mornings, or whenever they get a chance.

Consumer Convenience

The ability for them to have a quick look at your website helps them more than it helps you initially, but after they become a client, you will be glad they looked. And let’s be honest, we all need to look after the customer more.

Build Customer Base

Companies are nothing without a customer base. Having a website as a digital nomad will allow you to build a worldwide customer base. Having a list of potential customers is invaluable in terms of marketing and building a customer base.

Customer Rapport

When you own a brick and mortar business, you can only provide customers with special offers as they visit or by getting in touch with them directly. However, when you have a website, you can reward returning customers without you even knowing that they have returned. Offering online loyalty rewards is easy to do and keeps customers coming back to you.

Business Credibility

When was the last time that you saw a business name somewhere, searched for it online, not found a website, then used them anyway? Probably never. That’s because a site gives credibility to any company that uses one.

Business Credibility

One thing that you need to remember is, if you are a digital nomad, a website will prove your worth. You are likely to be selling digital products or running a company through digital means. If so, why have you not invested in a website yet?

Targeted Marketing

When you are a digital nomad, you may want to earn money in different ways. It is not very easy to convey those ways to people without having a long conversation. However, when you have a website, you can show off all of your skills, no matter how many you have.

Also, you can target your marketing for each of those sections individually, with differing vigor. If you prefer to design websites, but you can also develop apps, you can split your marketing to get a percentage split of customers.

Benefits Of Having A Website As A Digital Nomad – Competitiveness

How many times have you searched for an item that you wanted to buy, and the top two results are a big chain online shop, and then a website you have never heard of? Probably more times than you notice. Next time you look for something, look at the search results. You will see small-time websites mingling with more significant players.


That sort of competitiveness is rarely available on the high street, let alone when you roam the world. If you have a store, your front is certainly a lot smaller than the large chains next door. People will usually opt for the more prominent front. However, with a website, all search results are the same size. With a website, you can take customers from the noses of chain stores.

Increased Sales

When you have a fighting chance against the big boys in your niche, you are certainly going to see an increase in sales even as a digital nomad. For example, you are in one city today and different tomorrow. You are not going to get many sales through one-day travels. However, if you see people, or go to places within your niche group, etc. You can leave business cards, flyers, and so on, with your website address for them to contact you if they need to.


With a minimal outlay of only a few hundred dollars, you can have a fully functioning website. Granted, for that cost, it may not be the best in the world. However, as it gains your customers, and your income grows, you can increase funding into the site.

Furthermore, if it does not gain any results, you always have the option to stop using it. Where else can you get that much advertising for ~$300? Probably nowhere.


The internet and websites, no matter how much you dislike it, is the future. If you want to have a chance in the world of digital nomadism, I highly suggest that you get a website. I have based all of the points on this article around selling a service. However, even if you have a different type of income, and do not need to work while you are away, blogging your travels could help you a lot.

Gaining any income through blogging could help you in times of need. Not to mention that it will keep all of your memories safe and easily shareable!

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