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The Best Apps for Digital Nomads

We digital nomads are the little Marco Polos of the 21st century. All out there, ready to seize the world. And just like all the big explorers, we need our tools to get around. Marco Polo might have been happy with his good ol’ map and boat. But we nomads can’t really give up on our digital essence – and rely on it to improve our lifestyle. Hence – drum rolls please – here’s a list of apps that I personally tried and learned to love as a digital nomad.

Travel Apps

Travel Apps


This app is a delight for any planning lovers out there. It’ll make your traveling life so much easier. TripIt helps you plan the whole itinerary by simply associating the profile with your personal email account. And once it’s all synchronized, you don’t have to worry about adding new info every time you book a flight or an accommodation – the app will automatically do it for you! TripIt really covers the entire transportation package – planes, cars, trains, cruises -, provides you with a map, even alerts you about any last-minute disruption – and it works offline as well!

Download TripIt

Google Translate

While many are familiar with the web version of it, Google Translate as an app does not show up in any of my friends’ phones. However, it’s extremely handy when you’re globetrotting your way through life. Be warned: no AI translator will ever be as good as a human one – so the end result could sound a bit funny at times. It’s still a tool you shouldn’t go around with: it works offline and includes over 100 languages. Plus, I’ve been having a lot of fun snapping pictures of texts wherever I walk and have it automatically translated on this app.

Download Google Translate on Android / iOS


I proud myself over being an amazing bargain-catcher when it comes to booking flights and hotels. So at first, I was a bit skeptical about the true potential of this app, and I had to make a little investigation. Hopper helps you find the best flight deals through careful analysis. Hell, the app even examines and foresees when the prices will increase or drop – helping you decide when it’s the best time to do the purchase! I personally kept an eye on the behavior of the app whilst checking flight prices over a few days, and I can finally confirm: ladies and gentlemen, it works.

Download Hopper on Android / iOS


Of all the apps I’ve tried – and it’s been a bloodbath – to learn new languages, Memrise is still my favorite. Even if you’re not interested in speaking like the natives, it’s good to pick up a few words to use in your everyday life. Remember that you’re not on holiday, you’re trying to build a routine in a new location. Basic understanding and minimum talking will ensure you a better experience wherever you go. Memrise is simple and quick to use, keeps you engaged every day in a non-intrusive way – *cough cough* Duolingo *cough* please stop sending me threatening emails! – and has tons of courses.

Download Memrise


I can’t stress enough how much I love this app. Wanderu works as a booking platform, letting you search and compare any traveling deal. The great thing is that it doesn’t only include flights, but buses and trains as well! And their mascot is a cute green monkey. I’m sold.

Download Wanderu

Health Apps

Health Apps


I’ve talked before of this app, and I’ll mention it again. Just because you’re at the other side of the world, it doesn’t mean all your problems won’t follow you. Mental/emotional stability is always a work in progress, and it always should be: taking care of your health is a daily task. Headspace helps you take a break from the accumulated stress, guiding you through mindfulness meditation and enhancing your lifestyle.

Download Headspace


I’m not sure this one requires any specific explanations – I know it, you know it. Spotify is not only a great app to listen to your favorite artists and cut the world off for a while. It also comes with a great number of podcasts, that you can easily download and listen to offline. It’s honestly such a relaxing yet fascinating hobby. How could I miss the latest conspiracy theory?

Download Spotify

Seven Minute Workout

As a digital nomad, you’ll be building a fresh routine in a new location. Might as well use it as an excuse to start working out if you haven’t so far. This is the perfect app for any wannabe fit DN, as it provides training routines with no necessity of equipment. It might be a short work out session, but trust me, it’ll be intense!

Download 7 Minute Workout on Android / iOS


Another one that I completely fell in love with. Alltrails collects thousands of trails and possible hikes from all around the world. You can pick the kind of trail you’re looking for – a smooth walk? A scenic one? A dog-friendly hike? – and follow the route. For basically any trail, you’ll find pictures and reviews left by people who experienced the route before. This app actually motivates me to walk around more  – and that definitely counts as working out!

Download Alltrails

Journal it!

I have a bit of an obsession with bullet journals. This app is the digital version of a bujo, certainly the one that resembles a physical journal the best. It’s always a great idea to unload your anxieties on a sort of diary, as well as organize your thoughts and track habits. Journal it lets you do all of this, with a rather cute interface.

Download Journal it!

Organization Apps

Organization App


This app will definitely help you sort out your organizational issues. You can use it to manage your teamwork projects by sharing boards with other members and assigning tasks to them. But you can also transform it into your personal agenda, creating boards and lists, as well as programming useful reminders. I love that you can customize the background of each board with beautiful pictures – I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing features.

Download Trello


If you’re working on a group project, this app is a must. It makes it so much easier to keep track of each member’s progress while focusing on the final goal. What’s more is that you can import all your files – emails, documents, calendar events and whatnot – and have it all tracked in one place.

Download Asana on Android / iOS

Google Maps

Unless you haven’t lived under a rock, you’ve probably seen this app before. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m discovering hot water, but Google Maps is still my number 1 choice when I need to search for a nice café where to work. I’ve tried using WorkFrom as well, and it’d be a great app if it only got a bit updated. So for now, Google Maps will do! Easy, complete with reviews and directions, it always takes me where I need to be: a place with coffee and wifi.

Download Google Maps on Android / iOS

Money Apps

Money Apps

XE currency

This free app will quickly convert your currency into the exact corresponding exchange rate. Definitely something you’ll beg to have when traveling far away from home! You can also transfer money to hundreds of countries in so many different currencies – with no extra fees!

Download XE currency


Even if your bank account is hard to look at, it’s better to always have an idea of your financial situation. Mint helps you manage your budget, showing you all your incomes and pending payments on screen. It also alerts you in case of incoming bills to pay – or in case you get worryingly poor!

Download Mint

If you feel like your favorite app for digital nomads is missing from the list, please let us know in the comments below!

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