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The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the leading tourist, commercial, trade fair, and cultural centers in the world. Its success in commerce and arts contribute to its status as one of the largest global cities in the world. This city is a place full of young people hustling and doing creative and interesting work.

The culture, sunshine, and beautiful architecture of Barcelona make this a perfect environment to work from. There are now an incredible array of coworking spaces thriving throughout the region, hosting innovative, tech-savvy, and self-directed staff. 

Whether you are a digital nomad who just wants to get out of your living space to work on your projects, need a place for a meeting, or looking for a new fun place to work in, Barcelona has a little something for everyone. The following are some of the best coworking spaces in the city. 

1. La Vaca Coworking Barcelona

La Vaca coworking

La Vaca is a laid back, relaxed place. It is located in the heart of Poble Sec, which is known for its Boho vibe and elegant 19th-century architecture. ‘La Vaca’ translates literally to ‘the cow.’ In fact, this place used to be a dairy shop where people used to go for fresh milk.

This place has a very communal vibe. It allows workers to feel connected and, at the same time, have your solace while you work. Furthermore, it is a top working place for artists and engineers.

If you are looking for a place with a chilled out vibe, then this is the perfect place for you.

2. OneCoWork Barcelona

One Cowork

All three locations of this well-reputed coworking space are situated in the most inspiring places in the city. The location in Marina Port Vell is inside the exclusive One Ocean Port Vell Complex. It is likely to be Barcelona’s only coworking space situated over the water.

It is also very close to the beach. If you want to go and feel the breeze on the beach for a break, it’ll be within walking distance. Their second location, situated right in the city center at Placa Catalunya, has a lively atmosphere. Moreover, it is easily accessible by public transport. Also ideally situated directly next to the popular ‘Catedral de Barcelona’ is their highly awaited third coworking location in Catedral. It has a prime location on Via Laietana and exclusive private car parking for its members.

The interiors of this coworking space are a pleasure to the eyes and make you feel like working. It is cozy and inviting, and there is a lot of natural light that uplifts your energy even more. If you are a digital nomad looking for space where you will be inspired to work, and space which will even enhance your creativity, look no further, OneCoWork spaces are the one for you!

OneCoWork spaces are designed by the in-house team to maximize productivity and foster connections.

Check OneCoWork’s website for more info.

3. Cahoot Coworking

Cahoot Coworking

Cahoot Coworking is one of the newest coworking spaces in Barcelona for people in the tech and creative industries. Their building is a newly refurbished industrial space in Sant Antoni designed by Oriol Hostench, senior architect and urban investigator.

It is a vast, spacious area where you can easily find a spot where you can have complete isolation for working. If you are looking for a cool and savvy place to work in, then you will surely enjoy this place. It is also ideally located close to the market and is easily accessible by public transport.

Check Cahoot Coworking’s website for more info.

4.    Aticco Urquinaona

Aticco Coworking

Aticco Urquinaona is a six-story building right in the city center which has everything you would need from a coworking space. The crown jewel of this space is the attic floor terrace, 400 square meters from where you can enjoy the finest panoramic views of Barcelona.

It is the perfect working place for young people who want an amazon ambiance, great food, a great location, and an easy and open environment. It’s a large space and has six levels, which gives you a lot of options for spots to choose from to suit yourself. 

It’s the perfect place for socializing and working at the same time. No matter what you are looking for, there is a big chance that this space might satisfy you perfectly.

Check Atticco’s website for more info.

5. Zamness Barcelona Coworking Space

Zamness Barcelona Coworking Space

They have a range of office spaces available for you for various work types. From open spaces ideal for small businesses to individual desks and private offices for freelancers and independent professionals, this place has everything.

Zamness is about a 5-minute walk from the beach and is the ideal place for small businesses looking to rent out the entire building or individuals who enjoy a serene work environment. Its calm, serene and tranquil interiors are a pleasure on the senses and provide for a perfect working environment. 

Check Zamness website for more info.

6. MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

MOB lists itself as the pioneer of Barcelona coworking spaces. It is the home to Barcelona’s first community of entrepreneurs and creative-minded individuals. MOB is situated at three locations, and one membership is sufficient to avail the facilities in any branch.

MOB serves as a meeting location for Barcelona’s creative community and is known for a variety of featured events on a regular basis. Gradually, it has developed a strong community and serves as a reference point for networking.

The energy is all-consuming as you walk into this space, filled with start-ups working away on the top tiers, and loners lounging around in the cafe with their gadgets.

7. Crec Coworking Barcelona

Crec Coworking Barcelona

Crec primarily focuses on community collaborations and developing newfound relations. This space is full of vibrant and soothing colors and attracts professionals from all fields and walks of life. They have meeting rooms, creatively named Sheldon Cooper Room and the Daenerys Room, to list a few, and are designed to bring people together, inspire, and connect.

Crec Coworking became a member of the Citizens’ Agreement for Sustainability to accomplish the goal of providing its guests with the perfect atmosphere.

Crec visits are made fun due to the presence of animals that coexist with the humans here, as Crec is a pet-friendly workspace.

For more info visit Crec’s website

8. Apocapoc Barcelona


If you are the kind that can think green and maintain the style, this is the place for you. Here, you will get to co-create with like-minded people. Apocapoc delights in serving its people and would like them to treat the place as their own. 

Their area spans across a vast land and comes inclusive of a terrace, a multi-functional space where each element is engaged in performing multiple functions. Apocapoc doesn’t just suffice in providing its guest with a coworking space but promises a fulfilling and sustainable life. This serves as the perfect work destination for people who thrive better in a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Visit Apocapoc’s website for more info.

Final Thoughts

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and its art and culture will make you feel inspired and enhance your working experience at the same time. The city offers a vast supply of coworking spaces, each with its unique vibe and mood. Keep on trying out new places, and keep on exploring, and eventually, you will find the perfect space that suits you the best.

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