Best coworking spaces in Mexico City

The 6 Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico City for 2023-24

The digital nomad life is great! You get to explore the world while making money and setting your own hours. But if you live this lifestyle, you already know it can also come with its challenges. One of the biggest is that it can be hard to find a space to work where you can be productive. Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to an ideal work environment, so finding the perfect coworking space in each new city you visit can be challenging. 

Mexico City is a top pick for a lot of digital nomads looking to explore its vast urban landscape and for those who live there, it’s that relaxed work-from-home lifestyle that draws the crowds. It offers many options to help you power through your workday, and coworking is no exception. Whether it’s hotdesking (different parties using the same workspace at different times) or a dedicated workspace that you are looking for – there are a ton of coworking spaces sprinkled throughout the city, so you are bound to find the one that is best suited to you. And when you’re done with work, you can get out and enjoy the amazing nightlife!

1. Impact Hub 

Impact Hub Mexico
  • Contact/Booking Options: You can contact Impact Hub via the contact form on their website.
  • Pricing: Impact Hub charges $500 MXN a month for regular use, or a quick fee of $250 MXN for a day, up to $3900 a month for their “Dedicated” package.
  • Membership Options: Impact Hub offers several options. Their Basic package is $500 MXN a month and gives you access to the general space three days a month. Their $3900 MXN unlimited membership gives access to the space 5 days a week with 24-hour access, Wi-fi, phone access, a dedicated table, and 5 hours of boardroom access.
  • Size of the Space: Impact Hub includes a coworking space, a boardroom, a yard for outdoor working, and a patio room for meetings and workshops.
  • Amenities: Depending on your package, Impact Hub offers internet, phones, printing and copying, basic stationery, coffee, and tea.
  • Facilities: Impact Hub includes a coworking space, a boardroom, a yard for outdoor working, and a patio room for meetings and workshops.
  • Best For: Startups or businesses that either only need a few days out of a month for meetings or workshops, or a business that will commit to using the space for consistent work month over month.

Impact Hub makes the list because their global community and recognizable brand are sure to make any digital nomad who is already familiar with their spaces feel right at home in Mexico City. Impact Hub has almost 90 locations across 5 continents and continues to grow. Their facilities consistently boast some of the most reliable and comfortable coworking spaces out there.

Their Mexico City location is no exception. They have rooms that can hold anywhere from 6 – 13 people for a meeting or course, as well as communal tables for anyone who needs to put their head down and work through their task list for the day. They also offer free coffee to guests and are located among a ton of cool little local eateries.

Impact Hub makes an effort to build a community through in-house activities like speaker events and potlucks. So, if coworking to meet new people and make connections is your thing, Impact Hub is a great place to set up shop – you can work and build your professional and social circles all at the same time!

A monthly membership is required and costs around $130 USD.

2. Homework

homework coworking
  • Locations:
    • Homework Monument to the RevolutionTabacalera, 06030 Mexico City, CDMX 
    • Homework Chapultepec — 174 Liverpool Street, Colonia Juárez, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX
    • Homework Terrace — De La República #9, Tabacalera, 06030 Mexico City, CDMX
  • Contact/Booking Options: Whatsapp +52 55 2538 7339 or through their online contact form.
  • Pricing: Homework runs five different membership options from their Coworking membership at $2900 MXN per month to their office hire for two people at $9,200 MXN per month.
  • Space Size: Homework’s coworking space is set up for dozens of digital nomads, and they also have access to offices and boardrooms.
  • Amenities: Depending on your membership, Homework offers Wi-Fi, water, desks, projectors, air conditioning, and security.
  • Facilities: Homework has a coworking space, a terrace space, an auditorium, individual desks, offices for small teams, and a boardroom. 
  • Best For: Homework is best for independent digital nomads or small businesses looking for a location to hold meetings or presentations. 

Homework may just have the coolest name of all of the coworking spaces we’ve come across. It’s one of the most central coworking spaces available to remote workers in Mexico City. They offer a large, brightly lit open-floor space, filled with long tables, well-arranged desks and even some comfy loungers for your working pleasure.

Some of Mexico City’s early-stage start-ups operate out of Homework, so it’s not uncommon to find yourself in the midst of a launch party in the later hours of the day. Also, for those of you who like to keep your eyes on what’s up and coming in the start-up world, you can use this space as an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of Mexico City’s most innovative young entrepreneurs.

Homework offers free coffee among a number of other drink and snack options to it’s short-term and long-term guests alike and is located right beside the Plaza de la Revolución, where you will find lots of great food options.

Monthly passes start around $110 USD and go up from there, depending on the type of space you require.

3. The Pool

The Pool
  • Contact/Booking Options: Call at +52 55 6387 5091
  • Pricing: The Pool’s memberships range from their Libre membership at $1995 MXN per month to their Olimpica membership at $4,640 per month. 
  • Space Size: Four locations, each of which boasts a space large enough to house coworkers as well as separate offices.
  • Amenities: The Pool locations offer coffee, wi-fi, boardrooms and private offices, relaxation zones, copying and printing, and plenty of amenities to make your experience enjoyable. 
  • Facilities: The Pool has coworking spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms. 
  • Best For: The Pool is best for those looking to work in a coworking space on a month-to-month basis. 

The Pool has three locations throughout Mexico City, including Pool Polanco, Pool Toledo, and The Pool San Ángel – and they’re actively adding more locations each year. All of their facilities offer large, airy, open spaces with options for coworking, private offices, and even fixed spaces for teams.

All locations have a café on the premises, but outside food options can vary depending on the neighborhood. For example, Polanco is in a more upscale, expensive location, whereas Toledo is in a trendy, slightly hipster corner of the city.

If you opt for a monthly pass, you will have access to any of their three locations around town, so you can try out each one to see which suits you best. Passes start at around $75 USD per month for 80 hours and go up from there.


  • Contact/Booking Options: Call Publico at +52 55 1454 2531
  • Pricing: Publico offers coworking spaces at $4000 MXN per month and office spaces at $4500 MXN a month. 
  • Amenities: Publico offers all of the amenities you would expect from a comfortable coworking space, from Wi-Fi to printing and copying, as well as coffee, tea, and couches. 
  • Facilities: Publico offers a coworking space, private offices, and custom rental offices on a fixed-term minimum three-month contract.
  • Best For: Publico positions itself as a premium coworking space, and with its custom working spaces, it is best for a startup or business that sees itself needing premises in the medium term. 

With seven locations strategically placed around Mexico City, PÚBLICO is bound to have a space that any digital nomad will love to work in. With more locations all over the world, members get access to offices with similar amenities wherever they go – offering a consistent remote working experience.

The facilities include some features that you won’t find at any run-of-the-mill coworking space – such as photoshoot areas with blackout curtains and makeup stations.

PÚBLICO features in-house restaurants and always has a high-quality coffee available for members pulling those long hours. There are also lots of conferences and workshops among other events planned for the member community.

5. El 3er Espacio

El 3er Espacio
  • Contact/Booking Options:
  • Pricing: You can book a coworking space at a per-person rate of $300 MXN a day, 80 hours per person a month at $1700 MXN, and full-time per person at $2600 MXN per month.
  • Amenities: You can expect to find Wi-Fi, break spaces, coffee, tea, and anything else you’d expect to make your stay comfortable.
  • Facilities: El 3er Espacio offers only coworking spaces, which means there isn’t an option to rent a private office.
  • Best For: El 3er Espacio is best for freelancers or remote workers who are happy to work solely in a coworking space. A business could probably use the space for a small group of employees, but it is not suited to board meetings or private office work.

Opened in 2011, El 3er Espacio is one of Mexico City’s pioneering coworking spots. Located in the Hipódromo neighborhood, this space offers large open areas for hotdesking with tons of natural light. There is even a terrace to get outside and work in the sunshine. The neighborhood boasts tons of food options whenever you’re looking to take a break and try a new spot. Everything from formal restaurants to taco stands and quick healthy fare is right at your fingertips.

El 3er Espacio also offers a fiber-optic internet connection, so you are sure to stay on track with all of your tasks while working out of their office. Not all neighborhoods in Mexico City have this available, so if that’s an essential feature for you, opting for a coworking space that includes this sort of connectivity will limit you to coworking spaces in certain areas of the city.

There is an open offer for new guests to come in for a free day to see if they like it, no strings attached.

6. WeWork

Wework Mexico
  • Contact/Booking Options: Online contact form on their website.
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription plans. Dedicated spaces start at 3,000 MXN while daily coworking spaces start at 500 MXN.
  • Amenities: Feel free to arrive however way you like with parking and bike storage being common amenities across locations. Expect also espresso bars, event spaces, wellness rooms, Wi-Fi, printers, cleaning services, and more. Some locations are even dog-friendly.
  • Facilities: WeWork offers meeting rooms, workspaces, on-demand offices for businesses of all sizes, dedicated desks, and coworking tables.
  • Best For: Businesses and dedicated individual professionals who want access to a wide range of solutions that can accommodate any need. This is especially true for those who want to be near the heart of the city or hold many social events together.

For a coworking space that feels like an actual office, WeWork’s professional office solutions are the choice for those who are serious about getting their work done. With 15 locations around Mexico City and boasting an office environment that focuses on productivity, WeWork opens its doors to individuals and businesses alike.

WeWork has all sorts of offers depending on what you need. For the lone, career-savvy, and young professional, a dedicated private office or even a shared coworking space with others are a great choice. Businesses, on the other hand, might want to look at larger offices or even full-floor ones to get the most out of WeWork’s productive ambiance.

In a city with a population numbering in the tens of millions and with a long vibrant history, there are endless spots to explore during the off-hours to really get a feel for the unique and magical place that Mexico City is. It’s a cultural hub that is sure to please any traveler, and it’s so big that even locals are often surprised by new discoveries, so you’re sure to have lots to explore!

Whether you live in Mexico City and work from home or even if you’re looking to spend some time in Mexico City while working remotely, one of these coworking spaces might just suit all your needs. Let us know which one you end up picking!

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