the best coworking spaces in Panama

The 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Panama

When you think of Panama, you might initially think of a third world country. But with the tremendous growth that Panama has experienced in recent years, the cities and business districts within Panama have begun to thrive. Now, Panama is chock full of golf clubs, beach resorts, shopping centers, restaurants, medical centers, supermarkets, and more.

Wherever you go, Panama offers reliable high-speed internet and power connections. Cable television and mobile service are available from a wide variety of cellular carriers found throughout the country. The government is investing in roads and highways, improving the conditions year after year. And even better? You can drink the water in Panama – right from the tap if you want to.

Panama’s government situation is stable, supporting civil liberties, foreigner-friendly laws, and policies to welcome all kinds of commerce. Though Panama may be surrounded by less fortunate and lesser developed countries, Panama itself is thriving and open to tourists and new residents.

With temperatures that average in the 90s (Fahrenheit), and evenings that cool off to a comfortable 70-degrees, Panama might be the next best place for digital nomads looking to work and live in a warm and sunny climate. 

But where can a digital nomad go to focus on work? What are the best coworking spaces in Panama? Check out our list and see.

1. My Office Panama 

My Office Panama

My Office provides easy to access coworking spaces and private offices. Membership provides digital nomads with their own dedicated phone line, a physical address for your company, receipt of messages and documents, and preferential pricing. 

Whether you seek a hot desktop, dedicated desktop, private Office, or you need to use a conference or meeting room once in a while, you’ll also have access to the facility 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

You can trust that you’ll stay connected with free broadband access. And, you’ll enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and water, plus a prestigious yet convenient location.

2. Panama Coworking Center

Panama Coworking Center

Located in the PH Kenex Plaza, digital nomads can select a private office, virtual office, or access to open meeting space. Event space and meeting rooms are also available as needed for a small additional fee. Panama Coworking Center provides access to snacks and drinks and all of the equipment you will need to operate your business at a time that is convenient for you. 

3. Workings – Pacific Point (Punta Pacifica)


Workings provides a wide variety of benefits to nomads looking for coworking space. Accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week, not to mention dedicated security, a kitchenette with easy access to snacks and caffeine, meeting rooms for when you need to group with others, phone booths for private calls, printing services, and more. 

Workings provides all of the conveniences and reliability that you’ll need. The Punta Pacifica location offers an impressive view of downtown Panama. Located in Torre de Las Américas, nomads will enjoy working from one of the best towers in the city.

4. Workings – Obarrio

This Workings location offers all of the same conveniences that you would expect from a notable coworking space. The Obarrio site provides a panoramic view that is second to none and comes complete with its own terrace. 

Select a virtual office, private office, or meeting room, or choose to work in an open space where you can collaborate and confer with others – the choice is up to you.

5. Workings – East Coast

But wait, there’s more! Workings offers yet another location in Panama. The East Coast location is located in the exclusive and modernly designed Dream Plaza Tower. 

If the Punta Pacifica or Obarrio locations aren’t your cups of tea, the East Coast option might meet your needs. This location offers all of the same benefits and amenities as its sister location.

6. Raw Workspace and Gallery 

Raw Workspace and Gallery

Raw Workspace offers flexible rates on shared desk spaces and private offices, allowing digital nomads to work their own way. Meeting rooms are made available in real-time, and reservations can be made online, meaning no phone calls or waiting on hold while you wonder if the space will be open for your needs. 

Weekly events allow the opportunity to be inspired and grow, plus the chance to meet other professionals. And best of all, members choose their rate based on their individual needs. When a regular workspace isn’t required, hourly, daily, and weekly passes are also available. Those looking for an artistic co-working space will love this location.

7. The Cube Coworking

The Cube coworking

The Cube Coworking allows you the opportunity to avoid traffic with its convenient location just off the Urbanizacion Via España near the Iglesia del Carmen station. 

Coworkers at The Cube will enjoy access to coffee in the breakrooms, access to phone booths to make private video calls, access-controlled security, reliable fiber optic internet, access to printers and scanners so that your business won’t miss any important memos, locker service, and a variety of events to help keep you in the know. Events include workshops and mentorship programs.

8. Be Productive Workspaces

Be Productive

Located at the Dorado City Center, Be Productive Workspaces offers various plans, including a day pass, open desk, or cubicle option. You’ll have access to a clean workspace, plenty of parking spaces, and even a Miami-based post office box if you need to maintain a business address in the United States.

This location is air-conditioned and complete with air purifiers, ionizers, and aromas to help keep all coworkers safe, healthy, and comfortable. High-speed fiber optic internet and wifi access will keep digital nomads connected with colleagues, friends, and family members worldwide. Plenty of USB ports are available as well to ensure your devices stay charged.

9. Spaces – Plaza 2000

Spaces Panama

Spaces offers best-in-class technology with the very best in sound and video recording tools, AR and VR equipment, green screens, projectors, and printers – anything and everything that a creative digital nomad might need to keep in business. 

Workers can enjoy barista-made coffee in open areas during the day. They can enjoy Panama’s buzzing city vibe in the evening while enjoying some eats at one of the many upscale restaurants. For those interested in a co-living environment, Spaces offers that as well, saving time for those who don’t want to commute between where they work and live but want some separation of space. 

Foosball, a library, and an art gallery are also located on-site. Want to bring your dog to work? Spaces has that covered too, as this is a dog-friendly work environment.

10, Innova 109 

Innova 109

This location has a unique background in that it is located on what used to be a military base. Offering various seating arrangements, literally, from bean bag chairs to ergonomically friendly office chairs, Innova 109 is a laid-back working space located in the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber). 

Digital nomads can select from shared spaces, dedicated team spaces, or private offices. All areas are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week and provide reliable internet, electricity, security, and a mailbox. 

Nomads will also appreciate easy parking and transportation access, and bike parking, making it easy to get to work via whichever method you prefer. Coworkers will have access to a snack bar plus low-cost snacks from on-site vending machines.

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