Best Documentaries for Digital Nomads

13 Documentaries That Any Digital Nomad Should Watch

We Digital Nomads are perfectly able to lay back and relax, right? It’s not always about buzzing and wandering! Yet, we can still be great explorers right from our beds. Whether you’re a full-time DN already or a wannabe DN looking for a little push, you’re in the right place. Grab some popcorn and get ready to “Netflix and thrill” with me!

If you’re more of a book person, we also have a list of the best books for digital nomads.

1. The Wireless Generation

We call it Digital Nomadism. They call it the Wireless Generation – and I’ll admit, it’s a pretty cool name. This documentary came out a few years ago, when remote work was starting to be seen as a legitimate thing. Frame by frame, we discover the stories of 18 people who give up on a workplace fixed location and rewire their lifestyle. Basically, it’s our story! What’s interesting is the diversity among the interviewed, and the variety of jobs they all took up. Bouncing from a psychology teacher to a family of web developers, this is the perfect documentary for your nomadic, lazy Sunday. You can buy it for $14.99 (+VAT).

2. Documentary on Digital Nomads: One Way Ticket

Well, the title already gives it away. This cool documentary takes us on a journey around the world for an in-depth talk on digital nomadism. We get to learn how well-established DNs handled the shift to remote working. But the real X factor of this doc is the authority of it all. In fact, DNs’ icon Tim Ferriss and Wordpress developer Matt Mullenweg show they have a say on the remote work topic in One Way Ticket. And like them, many other well-known names among the nomadic community. You can watch it for $12.28, and head to the main website for further information.

3. The Dawn Wall

Ok, this is not exactly a documentary on Digital Nomadism. Nor on traveling – not really. The Dawn Wall follows the lives of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, two free climbers who face an impossible challenge. I’m not suggesting that you go get a hold of a highly vertical cliff as a DN. However, this documentary is perfect for any wannabe nomad who’s having second thoughts, or any remote worker who’s facing adversities. Tommy and Kevin spent 6 years trying, failing, and trying again, leaving their homes and families to achieve an impossible dream. It’s totally going to be a spoonful of courage. It’s now available on Netflix!

Watch Now: The Dawn Wall

4. New Nomads

This is not your standard documentary. New Nomads is for all you lazy travel lovers that don’t feel like watching anything too demanding. Divided into 10 short episodes – 5 minutes top! -, this Youtube documentary features individuals and couples who live the unconventional life. Love birds freelancing around the world, fierce women opening roaming art galleries and teaching music to gypsy communities – you’ll get all the colors and flavors in here! It’s a light watch, nice and simple, yet inspiring. By the last episode, you’ll be gratefully smiling at your backpack.

Watch Now: New Nomads
New Nomads

5. In The Mood For (Life)

This documentary is still a work in progress, but the cinematics is just too gorgeous to ignore. Director Janz dedicated a few videos on the exploration of Lisbon and Porto so far. But on his channel you’ll also find a two-parts documentary on DNs in Lisbon, with interesting interviews. I’ll suggest to keep an eye on his content and expect more wonders!

6. Living Big in A Tiny House

Again, not a documentary specifically on Digital Nomadism – yet, a series of episodes that serve as a useful lifestyle guide to any nomad. For a while, I’ve been obsessed with these videos. The channel features people who, tired of their fixed dwellings and materialistic possessions, got rid of all the clutters and build themselves tiny, moving houses. It’s a great watching to remind ourselves what really fills our lives, what’s essential and what’s a meaningless burden.

7. Minimalism

On a similar note, Minimalism functions as a guide to declutter. A digital nomad knows well that experiences beat belongings – and the essentials can simply fit into a backpack.  In a way, a nomad is already living a minimalistic lifestyle. And that doesn’t mean owning nothing; more like having everything you really need. This documentary helps understand what really matters and what can be scratched off. It’s easily available on Netflix!

Watch Now: Minimalism

8. Dark Tourist

This recently released documentary focuses on dark tourism, a phenomenon involving travels to dark, death-scented locations. It might sound eerie, but journalist David Farrier carries on the whole experience with a light-hearted spirit. Through constant cultural clashes and bizarre circumstances, this documentary shows unusual, exciting sides of the world that would tickle any traveling lover. It’s a motivating kick in the butt if you’ll ever get stuck in bed. Watch it on Netflix!

Watch Now: Dark Tourist

9. A Map For Saturday

Because “On a trip around the world, every day feels like Saturday”.  Maybe you’ve already heard of this one, it’s pretty iconic. In my humble opinion, it still remains one of the best in this list. As the protagonist quits his job and embarks on a tour of the world, we progressively get an idea of the pros and cons of solo traveling. It’s a cauldron of exciting adventures, authentic experiences, sad but gratifying moments and ugly truths. It’s especially interesting to witness all the interactions with locals that he has, and all the bonds he creates along the way. Definitely give it a check if you haven’t.

10. Generation Startup

Two words: highly relatable. The college graduates starring this documentary share their fears and failures as they dip their toes into a “way too big for them” project. We’ve all had dreams we wanted to chase, without really knowing which direction to take. These guys, in their attempt to build a fresh new company, show what a hardship it can be – and how rewarding it feels to never stop trying. A great documentary if the flame of your passion is in need of some fuel.

11 to 13. Werner Herzog: 3 documentaries that will touch your soul

Herzog is the most peculiar director when it comes to documentaries. He has a way with words that no one does, and whenever he interviews people, he always seems to strike the right chord. Everything becomes absolutely unexpected and mesmerizing with him. Encounters At The End Of The World is the first proof of it: Herzog travels to Antarctica to explore people’s visions as well as the animal kingdom. And every detail is breathtaking – I still haven’t recovered from the suicidal penguin story; you’ll know what I’m talking about. In Into The Inferno, available on Netflix, Herzog explores the power of volcanoes in Indonesia, Iceland, Ethiopia and North Korea. This documentary has a sort of spiritual vibe, with questioning on the mysteries of nature. Finally, this year Herzog himself engaged with nomadism! In Nomad: in The Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin, Herzog sets on a journey in memory of his deceased traveler friend Bruce. Through South America, Australia, UK, the documentary explores wild locations and the beauty of human communities from forgotten angles of the world.

If there are any other documentaries that you feel digital nomads should watch, please let us know in the comments.

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