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Facebook For Digital Nomads – 4 Of The Largest Groups To Join

Nomads have been around for centuries moving from place to place in search of bettering themselves and their lives. Although they move around a lot, they have still been able to develop a close-knit community. The strength of these communities does not come from the lack of distance between them. However, it is from the likeminded beliefs of their way of life.

These communities have developed from smaller groups that have grown in strength and numbers over the years. The digital nomadic people come from all walks of life. Ranging from self-employed people living in the cities to more laid-back travelers who live life “in the moment.” The beautiful thing about the nomadic lifestyle is that you are free to be who you want to be. Digital Nomads are open-minded and accepting of people from all walks of life.

Of course, making connections with people in person is always fantastic, and you should take the opportunity whenever it is possible. But in a digital age, and adding in the nomadic lifestyle, it is not easy to keep in touch with the people you know on a face to face basis or to meet new people and contacts. Facebook has changed the world for the people living the nomadic lifestyle as this enables them to stay in touch with their loved ones or also make new contacts at any time.

Facebook For Digital Nomads

You can use many online forums to stay in contact with peers and to meet new people. However, in the age of social media, many people are turning to Facebook, as so many others do too. It is easier to make new connections on Facebook as the masses also use the same forums. There are many different Digital Nomad Facebook pages, and it may take time to find the one that best suits you. However, in this article, we will talk about some of the top ones and hopefully narrow down the search for you and giving you a better starting point.


As we have said before, it is always better to meet people in person, but in the world, we live in today, you also must consider safety. Using Facebook groups will allow you to meet likeminded people, share ideas, even possibly arrange new working projects with added security. You can also gain tips and tricks for the lifestyle, hot spots to travel to, and much more.

Digital Nomads Around the World

You have to join all of the sites that I have seen, and you must wait for your request to be accepted. That also means that people can only see you on these sites if they are prepared to join the groups too. Although, from the places that I have joined, I can tell you that the first one that accepted me was Digital Nomads Around the world. I purposely did not answer any questions on attempting to join, and this site was the only one out of all the places I joined, which accepted my request without answering these questions. All other sites asked me to complete the questions before acceptance.

Digital Nomads around the World

Those questions are your standard types, such as:

  • Have you read the rules?
  • Do you already work remotely, or are you planning?
  • Reasons for joining (sharing or promoting)?
  • How did you hear about us?

These are your standard questions when joining most sites, but it gives you an idea of information required when joining. So, if you want to request and get started without all the questions, then the best site that I can recommend is Digital Nomads Around the World.

While we are talking about the digital nomads around the world, let’s take more of a look around the site and talk about the features that you can find there. They currently have 119k members, one admin, and 13 moderators that you can contact for advice. However, those people are volunteers and may not always be able to answer your questions straight away. This site has been running for five years, so it has some pretty strong history.

Digital Nomads Around The World – Information

The first thing that I saw on this site is; if you click on the member’s section of the page, the members will split into parts:

  • Firstly, it will show you first the Admin team, so you know who to contact if you need any assistance.
  • There is then a section for people who have things in common, so you can see if there is a group for your niche specifically.
  • You then have a section for people with business pages.
  • Finally, a section for all the new members.

On the main page, below members, it shows different sections for you to look through. Therefore, if there is something specific that you are looking for, it could speed up your search and save you having to scroll through the whole page before finding your answers. That also means that you may be able to find answers without having to post and deal with lots of notifications.

That section splits into subsections, and they are:

  • Announcements. – The announcement page starts with the rules. Followed by pinned posts from the moderators of the site.
  • Watch party. – Watch party is a page for videos, but this does not seem to be in use as and only has one video on it.
  • Photos. –  A page where you can view all images uploaded by the members.
  • Events. – There is then an events tab, but there is nothing posted in this section, and looking through the site, I cannot see that there are any events posted to this site, so if this is something that you are looking for, then this site will not be for you.
  • Files. – Files is a section used to advertise jobs. You can view and apply to jobs that other members are advertising.
  • Albums. –  The next tab is albums. Which again is photos uploaded by other members,
  • Recommendations. –  These are recommendations of countries to visit. So, if you are planning a trip or just starting on your Nomadic journey, this could be an excellent place for you to look through. (After checking out our Travel page, of course!)

The rules of the site do state that posts with links are not allowed and that they will delete any posts containing them. However, looking through the site, you can see that there are posts with links, but always bear in mind that if you ignore this rule, then you may have your posts deleted!

Other rules state that;

  • Before asking questions, use the search bar at the top of the page to see if you can find your answers.
  • When you do post, make your questions clear, and include as many details as you can.
  • When posting jobs, you must post all job details, such as salary, start date, and website, etc.
  • Do not put PM for more information.
  • You are not allowed to request meetups on this site.
  • You are also not permitted on this site to upload travel blogs and spam.
  • If you do post questions, make them detailed as possible, as they will delete vague posts.

Digital Nomads Around The World – Final Thoughts

The people on this site are friendly and helpful and do interact with each other. And when people do post on the site, people comment on the threads and look to help you as much as possible, give recommendations, and try to point you in the right direction.

There is a lot of useful information on this site, such as information on visas, areas people have lived in, medical insurance for different countries, and much more helpful information. There are also people introducing themselves and what brought them to the nomad way of life. The comments posted on these threads are very warming and useful with people sharing their experiences how they feel about the life they lead and what also brought them to this way of life.

Digital Nomad Jobs

The next site I want to look at is a site called Digital Nomad Jobs. 

Digital Nomad Jobs

This site layout is similar to Digital Nomads Around the world. They have the same feature of being able to click on their members, and they break down into the same sections. You can view the admin and moderator team. You can see people who have the same niche market in common, and then there is a list of new members.

The tabs along the top of the page are also the same as Digital Nomads Around The World, with one exception, mentorship. That is a tab where you can see people who volunteer to be mentors. They give you a brief description of who they are and what they do and the fields that they work in. You can click on their profile where you can see a little more about them but not the whole profile.

Once you have clicked into their profile, there is a standard, pre-typed message, saying that you are interested in being mentored. Send it to the mentors and wait for them to come back to you, easy. Another way of doing this is, use the “start conversation” button on the main page for mentors so that you can contact them without going into their pages. I found that to be a fantastic idea, useful to those who are new to the Nomad life, especially if you want a little guidance from people who are volunteering to give up their time for you.

  • Their announcement pages are again a place for the admin team to post adverts and information.
  • The watch party tab is also currently not in use.
  • Photos are, again, a place where you can view all photo uploads by other members.
  • Events and album tabs are also inactive at this time.
  • The files tab is useful on this page as well as this is where people advertise jobs and where people can advertise themselves.

The site has 54k members at the time of writing this, and they have been running for three years. So, this site does have fewer members and been running for less time than Digital Nomads around the world. When I requested to join this site, I again purposely did not answer the standard questions asked. However, the site then sent them back to me. I had to answer these questions before they accepted me into the group.

The only rule that I have been able to find on this site is that you are not permitted to post spam. That is pretty much a standard across any page on Facebook. So, on this page, you can post links without the worry of them deleting your posts. With some of the links for job advertisements, when you click into them, they automatically fill out some of your necessary details. I find this useful as for those of us with very little time to spare, every second counts!

Digital Nomads Jobs – Final Thoughts

This site again has information on getting started in the nomad world to the more advanced and well-established people. You can see in the post that there are many responses with people helping each other and sharing information. There are also posts on this site for people looking for jobs rather than just advertising jobs, so if you are looking for someone with a specific skill set, then with a little scrolling, you are sure to see someone that gets your attention.

I do love the side of this page where people can advertise themselves and showcase the talents that they have.

Facebook For Digital Nomads – Global Digital Nomad Network

The next facebook page for digital nomads that I want to talk about is Global Digital Nomad Network. I have looked at these sites in the order that they have accepted me. Therefore, you have an idea of where to try first.

Global Digital Nomad Network

This site is also laid out very similar to the others in the way you can view the members. The global digital nomad network has four admins and three moderators. That can be both negative and positive. With not as many of the team to contact if you need an answer to an issue urgently, then there may be a delay in coming back to you, but it can be a positive as this may mean that they are less strict on their rules.

You then again have members with things in common, then members with pages, and then it goes on to new members. The global digital nomad network has been running for six years, and they have 44k members currently. The only rules that I can see for this page are the usual:

  • No spam.
  • Be respectful and kind and no bullying.

So again, if you are someone that is looking to share links or advertise yourself, then this would be a good site for you. They also have two pages that are attached and part of their page:

Nomad Cruise. – Automatic access granted from Global Digital Nomad Network.

Web.Work.Travel. – Separate Sign up required.

The global digital nomad network then has another tab that I have not seen on any other pages so far. This tab is labeled Units and appears to be for people who are not sure which direction they would like to go in next, and there are two questions listed here:

  • How did you find your first remote job?
  • What is your best new nomad destination that you discovered in the last year?

When you click on either of these questions, the comments appear that have been posted by other members. That gives you plenty of information and thought-provoking suggestions if you are someone who is either new to the digital nomad lifestyle or if you are stuck in a rut and looking for some inspiration.

The next tab is announcements. On entering this tab, I have seen that this is the first page that I have noticed that promotes meeting up. They organize events through another of their pages called Web.Work.Travel. In this post, you can see that they did arrange a meet up utilizing all three of their sites, which I think is a fantastic idea to meet people from the same field as yourself in a safe and controlled environment. So, if you are looking to meet up with people who may be in your area and make new connections, then this is a great way to do so.

The other tabs include:

  • Watch party. – Which appears to be inactive.
  • Photos. – Which, as with all digital nomad Facebook pages, is where you can see all pictures uploaded by its members.
  • The last tab on this page is events. – This section currently lists one event about co-living in the snow.

There is then the regular files, which are job adverts, which is a great place to start if you are looking for work and don’t want to scroll through the whole page. Then there is the recommendations tab, which again is the same as all other pages.

The posts within this site are all advertising jobs, but I can also see posts where people are sharing information about software, asking for advice on the best software to use, and for which projects. There are many responses to these kinds of posts, and I think that this would be a great site if you are starting in your digital nomad life, or require more information about your website.

Female Digital Nomads

Now, as the name suggests, this site is specifically for women only, and they do state that this is a rule. Therefore, they will reject all requests from men. Consequently, I had to get a little help for this group as I found myself doomed for rejection! I can see how that can offend some male members of the community, but I can also see how this would be comforting to any lone female travelers, especially if they post where in the world they are. We won’t get into the right and wrong of this here but, let’s take a look at the Female Digital Nomad page.

Female Digital Nomads

It has been running for four years and has a total members 58k. I was surprised to see that these were the second-highest for member count, especially as they do not include half of the population. I think that this speaks very highly for the site itself.

The page does state that you need to read the pinned rules, which I found in the announcements tab:

  • The first rule is for accommodation. – If you are looking for accommodation, or a swap, to use the monthly thread. – I thought that the monthly thread was a great idea, and I can see how it would help the ladies to move around easier.
  • It then goes on to state that if you are looking for a place, look on the pinned posts.
  • If you are unable to find what you are looking for, then you can feel free to post.

They have specific subjects that they post about each day of the week. That enables members to post on the thread, keeping traffic on the main page down:

  • Monday. – Goals.
  • Tuesday. – Collaboration.
  • Wednesday. – No rules Wednesday!
  • Thursday. – Struggles.
  • Friday. – Accomplishments for the week.
  • Saturday. – Where you are.
  • Sunday. – Self-promotion.

The other rules for Female Digital Nomads are very similar to alternative groups:

No Spam be kind, no bullying, and respect each other.

This site has a “no self-promotion” policy, as they do provide a thread in which you can do this each week. Any post of self-promotion or using people, asking questions to direct them to your web page, will be deleted.

The tabs for this site are the same as all other nomad pages, and the site has the same kind of these as others such as advertising jobs, ask for advice, and additional such information. I do find that there is a more tactile feel side to this site. The whole page emphasizes empowering women and talking more about feelings as well as what they are doing. I think this is great if you are a woman who needs a support network around you but will not suit all members.


I did think that as digital nomads around the world has been running the longest that there would be more information available on this site. I found that all of the sites had very similar knowledge to offer. I also found that a lot of the members were on all of the pages. Thus, the jobs advertised on one were available on most. The real difference that I have seen between the sites is whether you are allowed to promote yourself or not. Therefore, when choosing a group, look to see if this something that is an issue for you. And remember, be sure to check the rules before you post. Or, join them all, like me! (Except Female Digital Nomads, of course!)

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