Find Clients for Digital Nomads

9 Ways to Find Clients for Digital Nomads

Making the decision to start a business online is an unbelievably massive step in itself! There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider and finding clients is one of the biggest. Luckily, this post is here for you to tell you the best ways you can find clients online and make it as a digital nomad. 

1. Build An Online Presence

The digital world is a fast-paced, ever-expanding place and if you don’t show up consistently in search results and on relevant pages, you won’t get anywhere. Harsh but true. 

Every day you need to be present online; make it part of your routine just like you would when turning up to your 9-5 desk job, right? 

2. Make Yourself A Website

Your website acts like your brick and mortar shopfront. You absolutely need one. 

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are all well and good but they aren’t truly yours. Plus, you are surrounded by loads of other people and businesses that are (sorry to say) no different to you. Competing with everyone is extremely hard unless you have a digital place that is yours and yours alone to point potential customers to. 

3. Utilise Facebook Groups

Digital Nomad Facebook Groups

Once you have a website, you can start to utilise Facebook for all its true business glory. Their group facility, in particular, is a fantastic way to find, network and work with people of similar mindsets about specific topics. 

When you find a group that’s right for you, you’ll be able to ask appropriate business questions to the right people, perform market research, pitch yourself and other essential, useful activities. 

4. Guest Posts or Appearances

Guesting posting or appearing on other people’s webinars, YouTube videos, blogs or podcasts is a great way to get out there and expand your reach. Try not to be of the mindset of “oh, I’m new to this so no one will want me”. This just isn’t true. Everyone has their own angles and experiences to share so pitch yourself to people who you think you would work well with and see what happens!

5. Cold Email

The term “cold email” can spike fear throughout individuals as they think of “harassing” but, chill your beans, it is a very effective method if you do it in the right way. 

To be successful at this you need to:

  1. Research — show you know who the people you are contacting are and what they do
  2. Personalise — don’t copy and paste templates. Demonstrate that you have put in the time and effort to create a personal message to them
  3. Be Relevant — make sure that whatever it is you are reaching out to them for is relevant to them and the digital environment at the time

6. Live Stream

2019 has seen video content boom and become the top media type for businesses to use and be successful. 

Live streams allow for a personalised experience for potential and existing clients so you can generate more traffic and engage people. 

7. Start A Blog

Yes, blogging is still a thing — shocker, isn’t it? 

Blogging as a business requires you to bring value to your target market. Make sure it drives people to your website which will lead them to your actual products or services at the end. 

Of course, you can promote your blog on your various social media platforms to encourage people to read. 

8. Freelance Job Sites

Freelance job boards are there for digital freelancers specifically to find clients and so it can be a great way to start out. You will have to make sure you check them regularly and consistently send proposals out if you want to make it but, many freelancers rely on these sites. 

In particular, you should try these ones:

9. Look At Your Competitors

Looking at your competition should be part of your market research plan. Remember though, do not copy them; this is not good business. However, what you can do is find out what type of people are following them, what they react to and enjoy most and what advertising, marketing and engagement strategies fellow businesses use.

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