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5 Tips to Stay Productive While Working on the Go

Working on the go means you are not confined in a specific physical location and has numerous advantages. It allows employees to spend less time commuting, decide their working hours and work in comfortable spaces while enabling the business to reduce its overhead costs. While all this makes the environment ideal, it also poses a productivity challenge as employees’ productivity may dwindle over time if not carefully managed.

However, if properly planned, individuals can access up to two or three jobs from platforms such as Search Remotely and get to offer excellent services. Below are some ideas that will enable you to stay productive and become an ideal employee while working on the go.

Set up a workspace

Working on the go means you get a chance to work from home, your favorite coffee shop, or a pitch. You may find yourself wondering a lot to get the ideal space to work thus, setting up a workspace is vital to ensure productivity. If you work from home, getting a desk and a chair is likely to ensure you are more productive than working from the bed or the couch.

It will also help you not to feel so tired or lazy, ensuring you focus on your work. If you need to work from a restaurant, it is prudent to get there early and set up your space to ensure you do not work from a noisy place or one that may hinder your performance. An ideal workspace not only provides a chance for you to focus on your work but enhances your productivity, ensuring you meet deadlines and submit reports at the correct time.

Have a schedule

Having a proper schedule and sticking to it is an essential tip to stay productive when working on the go. A plan will ensure you do not overly exhaust your body trying to get work done and ensure you do not underperform. Having a schedule directs when you have breaks and lunches, helping you maintain a consistent way of doing things.

When forming a schedule, it is wise to slot in your waking up and sleeping time just like you would do if you were going to the office. Ensure you wake up early and prepare by having a shower and dressing up. It ensures you start your day rejuvenated and your mind focused on the task ahead.

If you plan your time correctly, it helps your mind focus on the task you are doing and prevents you from having too many breaks that force you to work longer trying to finish your allocated work. It also ensures you do not carry too much work into your family or resting time, allowing you to have regular sleep and feeding patterns.

Properly plan your day, week, and month

Working remotely also means you have the power to plan out your work. While this is a privilege, it may not change the organization or company’s deadline. Therefore, having a proper plan and aligning your goals with that of the company is essential to succeed.

It will help if you start by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Learn when you are most productive, where you can put in more work and which tasks take a longer or shorter time.

You can adequately plan your time and days, ensuring you stay ahead of your workload. Doing daily and weekly recap will also help you reach your target and keep you productive as it provides an opportunity for you to keep tabs on how much work you still need to get done. This work schedule also ensures you slot in meetings, whether physical or online, and serves as a reminder to enable you to properly plan out your working days.

Set your goals and share them with close family and friends

Though working on the go is common, it is still new to some people, and many may not understand that it is as tasking as working from the office. Thus, you may get texts or calls from family members who need you to help them out, babysit for them, or carry out other errands that may take your time since you are not in the office. Thus, having a goal and sticking to it is essential to ensure you are productive.

You can also take time and share your objectives and goals with close family and friends. By explaining to them the amount of work on your plate, you get a chance to work with minimal or no distractions. For example, if you are working from home, you can set aside time where you do not expect to be disturbed, as this enables you to focus on working and ensure you are delivering in time. By having and sticking to a goal, it makes you productive no matter where you are.

Stay in communication with colleagues and supervisors

Working on the go means you may have little or no interaction with your colleagues. Thus, being proactive about your communication is essential to help you stay in touch with your colleagues and execute your tasks better. By communicating with your supervisors, for example, you can seek clarifications on challenging tasks and get proper guidance that ensures your work is top-notch. Communicating with employees allows you to create healthy work relationships with others while learning more about the company’s goals and culture.

It also provides you with peers who can assist you with your projects when you are stuck or those to improve your skills. If you are carrying out tasks with a team, communicating ensures that everyone is on the same page and improves your teamwork, helping you reach your targets on time.

It also helps you know when a teammate needs help or where a task is not moving as desired to ensure personal and collective goals are realized. Communication also serves as a reminder to your bosses that you take the work seriously and are a part of the team, making it easy to get promotions or pay rises.


Working on the go continues to gain popularity, especially since the Covid pandemic saw restriction in movement. Most people opt to work away from the office, making it an ideal situation. By having tricks and tips that help you stay on top of your workload, you can remain productive while working on the go.

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