Coworking Space in Bellingham

Coworking Space in Bellingham (Our Handpicked Choices)

Have you ever wanted to walk into a space and instantly be inspired by the palpable focus shown by each person in the room? 

If you work remotely or are often on the go, coworking spaces might bring the right productive energy to your workday. But where are they, exactly? 

Fortunately, Bellingham is brimming with awesome coworking environments that you may want to check out! 

In this article, we’ll show you the best coworking spaces in Bellingham as handpicked by everyday professionals. We will discuss:

  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Aesthetics
  • Amenities

And more for each space mentioned. 

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a change of scenery, read along and take a look at these coworking spaces. Who knows – a more fulfilling workday may be just around the corner!

Coworking Spaces

These 7 coworking spaces have unique selling points, but they all value dedicated work time. 

We have included options for different locations, price points, and amenities offered. If you have additional questions about an individual location, it is best to call the space and ask directly. 

Otherwise, let’s go ahead and check them out!

1. The Cooler

The Cooler
  • Location: 1319 Commercial Street (#201), Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-483-6020
  • Pricing: $199/month for a dedicated desk; $399-699/month for a private office
  • Membership options: Monthly; 24/7 access
  • Size of the space: Private offices are 150-300 square feet.
  • Amenities: high-speed internet, printing/scanning facilities, modern eat-in kitchen, lounge
  • Facilities: communal space for meetings
  • Best for: casual working in an up-and-coming environment

The Cooler is a chill spot for entrepreneurs, practitioners, and freelancers to sit down and work for a few hours. 

With multiple options for desks and privacy, this location is ideal for both social and non-social working!

Additionally, The Cooler is situated adjacent to the Central Business District of Bellingham, which makes it an ideal landing pad after meetings or other business matters. 

2. Localgroup Studio

Localgroup Studio
  • Location: 221 Prospect Street, Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-389-2531
  • Pricing: $35/day for casual, $125-$275/month for membership
  • Membership options: daily, part-time, full-time; dedicated and hot desk
  • Size of the space: Inquire within
  • Amenities: 24/7 security, nap room, heating, professional lighting
  • Facilities: kitchen, skype room, yoga room, photo studio
  • Best for: a space where all types can collaborate with ease

Localgroup Studio has more of a traditional office feel, especially in terms of size. There are dedicated desks for working and meetings, including professional lighting and a podcasting room!

Also, for hosting meetings, there are several options to consider within this space such as the Skype room or event space. 

Overall, Localgroup Studio is perfect for creatives, tech gurus, and everyone in between! 

3. State & Laurel Cowork

State & Laurel Cowork
  • Location: 310 E Laurel Street, Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 206-902-8586
  • Pricing: Inquire within
  • Membership options: inquire within
  • Size of the space: inquire within
  • Amenities: biometric scanning, nap room, printer 
  • Facilities: meeting room with projector, event spaces
  • Best for: boutique coworking and natural light

State & Laurel Cowork is a woman-owned coworking location with several benefits. 

Firstly, this bright and inviting space (courtesy of its white and woodsy interior design) is sure to brighten your working spirits!

In terms of working logistics, there are spaces to work quietly or have meetings/collaboration events. 

Additionally, State & Laurel Cowork is in a great location for coffee lovers as there are several well-known spots nearby! 

4. Dockside Coworking

Dockside Coworking
  • Location: 1010 C Street, Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-671-2020
  • Pricing: $300/month
  • Membership options: Monthly (2 month minimum)
  • Size of the space: Inquire within
  • Amenities: 24/7 access, parking, coffee, pet therapy, networking events
  • Facilities: waterside deck with chairs, room for private phone calls, kitchen
  • Best for: engineers, tech professionals, and others wanting to work by the water 

Dockside Coworking, in partnership with 2020 Engineering, is a popular professional hub that is right on the Whatcom Creek Waterway and just north of the Central Business District. 

There are many advantages to joining this coworking environment, such as access to a bustling, professional community of highly skilled working people. 

Although private offices are not offered, the size of the space makes it easy to book and use meeting spaces and quiet rooms!

5. The Office: CoWorking at Gateway

The Office CoWorking at Gateway
  • Location: 1313 Maple Street, Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-685-4200
  • Pricing: $100-300 monthly
  • Membership options: monthly (3-month minimum)
  • Size of the space: inquire within
  • Amenities: printing, coffee, community networking breakfast, high-speed internet
  • Facilities: business center, meeting rooms, seminar rooms (added fee)
  • Best for: executive meetups and changing workspace requirements

The Office: Coworking at Gateway has cultivated a community of elite business professionals from all over!

This coworking space is dedicated to providing you with a safe and collaborative environment. 

Coworking at Gateway also offers a virtual office experience, which allows you to reap the benefits of coworking from anywhere. 

You can feel assured that you’ll be able to work collaboratively or quietly each time you enter this space!

6. Her Connection Hub

Her Connection Hub
  • Location: 1323 Commercial Street, Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-526-0131
  • Pricing: $375/month (student & nonprofit rates available)
  • Membership options: monthly (6 month minimum)
  • Size of the space: inquire within
  • Amenities: unlimited snacks and drinks, in person events, high-speed internet
  • Facilities: multiple workspace options, event space
  • Best for: busy working women looking to meet like-minded people

Her Connection Hub is a coworking space that is for women, by women. 

This coworking environment is home to many counselors, coaches, financial advisors, and other female professionals!

Her Connection Hub also makes it easy to arrange meetings and gatherings through its event coordination services.

Also, they offer unlimited food and beverages – and who doesn’t love a mid-work snack?

7. Greenleaf Workspace

Greenleaf Workspace
  • Location: 1215 Old Fairhaven Parkway Suite C., Bellingham (Open in Google Maps)
  • Contact: 360-201-8061
  • Pricing: $15-$275, one digital and three in-person membership options
  • Membership options: monthly
  • Size of the space: inquire within
  • Amenities: quiet workspace, networking mixers, printing, master classes
  • Facilities: meeting spaces, quiet rooms, presentation center
  • Best for: clean and quiet working, while surrounded by inspirational people and events

Lastly, Greenleaf Workspace is a workspace that grows with you! 

This coworking hub has multiple membership options that cater to everyone. Greenleaf offers many resources to its patrons, even creative tools like laser engravers and vinyl cutters. 

Expand your professional and creative landscape with valuable connections at Greenleaf!


You’ve reached the end of our handpicked list of coworking spaces in Bellingham. 

Remember: while you’re in a coworking environment, always remain respectful! 

Actions such as cleaning up your space, thanking staff when appropriate, and adhering to the privacy of other coworking individuals are all expected, irrespective of coworking location. 

Before committing to a coworking arrangement, consider what you are hoping to achieve in your professional life. 

If you’re looking for a way to break into the social scene of professional life, coworking can be a terrific venue. 

Additionally, a change of scenery can really liven a workday – which is why coworking spaces have become so popular over the years.

As more people turn to remote work, we should all be taking advantage of coworking spaces for a more dynamic work environment!

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