Tasha Prados

Tasha is a bilingual and multicultural strategist with ten years of international project management, communications, and marketing experience with the world’s leading brands, agencies, and organizations. As Founder and CEO of Duraca Strategic, she helps nonprofits, social enterprises, small businesses, and entrepreneurs maximize their impact through branding and marketing consulting. Tasha went nomad in 2019, and spends her free time indulging her passion for travel writing. A returned Peace Corps Volunteer who worked in rural Peru for over two years, Tasha constantly struggles between her desire to make authentic local connections and rough it off the beaten path, her (legitimate) need for infrastructure, and the (guilt-inducing) bougie tastes she’s acquired from having a good salary and being old. Follow her travels on Instagram at @t.prad.

Lessons from Digital Nomads

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Nomading in the age of the Coronavirus

Nomading in the age of Corona

For many of us digital nomads, COVID-19 has transformed our dream-like reality into a bit of nightmare. I say this not to spark fear, but to share the challenges of this lifestyle. Granted, everyone...