Best Coworking Spaces in Manhattan

5 Best Coworking Spaces in Manhattan (For 2023)

Are you looking for the best coworking spaces in Manhattan?

This article is for remote workers, students, professionals, and startups who need a dedicated space to work during the day.

Read on if you are interested in the dynamic scene of Manhattan’s best coworking spaces! 

Coworking spaces allow people to work independently in the same building, giving them a chance to save on shared amenities and build a sense of community. Not only does this often save money, but you get a lot more out of it than just a workspace. 

I’ll delve into the 5 best coworking spaces in Manhattan so you don’t miss out on the best locations available, whether you’re a professional just passing through or a permanent resident!

This article will cover: 

  • An overview of each of the five coworking spaces 
  • Location, pricing, contact details, membership options
  • The size, amenities, and facilities of each coworking space 
  • What each coworking space is best for
  • Recommendations and summary.

Let’s get into it! 

1. WorkVille 

  • Pricing:  Workville is priced quote, request a quote here. Ballpark pricing is $15000/month for large private offices for groups, $500/month for desks in the shared area, and $49 day passes to the shared spaces.
  • Membership options: Flex membership paid monthly is available for companies filling 50 seats. Private offices for individuals and groups are also paid by monthly membership 
  • Size: Workville is a boutique coworking space that uses its space on 1412 Broadway efficiently and houses 40+ promising startups. 
  • Amenities
    • Wifi and ethernet
    • Tech support
    • Office support
    • 24/7 Doorman Building
    • Phone booths
  • Facilities: 
    • Meeting rooms
    • Private Offices
    • Conference rooms
    • Lounges 
    • Cafes  
    • Three outdoor terraces.
  • Best for: Startups who have outgrown the home and would value a private, customizable group office. Remote, mobile workers looking to settle down and work in a group space for a day or two. Larger groups seeking a conference room. 

Workville is a coworking space that has been popularized for its flexibility. Teams can range from 2 to 100 people and Workville will help you customize your membership and space to get the most out of your stay. 

Its location near Grand Central and Penn Station makes it a transit-friendly office. As for the social value, Workville is one of the quieter coworking spaces, but they still try hard to develop a community. 

Workville’s Elsie Rooftop Lounge is a space reserved for after-work events. Overall, Workville is a professional and sleek coworking space that has a lot to offer. 

The best way to find out if it would be best for you is to visit the Workville website here or get in contact about a quote. 

2. TheFarm Soho

TheFarm Soho
  • Pricing: Private offices are $6500 monthly, and full floor offices are also available paid monthly at $25000-$45000 depending on area. If you are just there for the day, the common space will be $29 daily. A 7-day pass is $120, and for 30 days it is $250. 
  • Membership options: Membership starts at $179 monthly for a guaranteed seat in the shared workspace area, including amenities. A dedicated desk with a lockable storage box comes at a $349 monthly membership. Private offices in the vicinity are rented monthly but price varies by size. Find out more here
  • Amenities: 
    • Fast fiber optic internet
    • 24/7 secure access
    • Pet friendly at all locations
    • Rooftop
    • Printing and scanning
    • Free espresso 
  • Facilities: 
    • Conference rooms
    • Meeting rooms
    • Event Venues
    • Phone booths
    • Mailroom
    • Shared coworking space 
    • Private offices.
  • Best For: Individual professionals who want an affordable working space, as well as people who are staying for longer periods in NYC. If you have a four-legged friend, you’re more than welcome to stay too!

The FarmSoho is a trusted coworking space, which showcases reviews such as: Love the FarmSoho! Affordable, clean space for you to conduct an efficient work session” (Michelle Nezolosky). 

One of the reviews on their website mentions how helpful the accompanying app is, which lets you unlock the doors for secure access until midnight. You get access to the app whether you are a day passer or a fully-fledged member. 

Another drawcard for TheFarm for small businesses is the event spaces such as the Nolita rooftop. If you need more than just a workspace, TheFarm also provides these PR and networking areas as well! These can be booked by the hour or day here

3. The Yard

The Yard manhattan
  • Pricing: Day passes start from $29 to $35 depending on whether you buy multiple days as a bundle or not. If you are only after a meeting room, the price point starts at $64-$80 per hour. A membership to the shared coworking space can be paid monthly at $300 – $450, with a discount on your first month. Private office spaces are available by quote, depending on size. 
  • Membership options: Memberships can be purchased for: hybrid access, private office spaces, open space access, dedicated desk spaces, and virtual office space. Find out more details here
  • Amenities:
    • High-speed wifi
    • On-site support (9:30 am – 5:30 pm) 
    • Kitchen
    • Art Gallery 
    • Coffee and tea (members)
    • Printing 
  • Facilities: 
    • Meeting rooms
    • Phone booths 
    • Conference spaces 
    • Enterprise offices 
    • Private offices 
    • Dedicated desks 
    • Lounge spaces 
  • Best for: People who like credit-based memberships and want a sense of community with their co-working space. Also great for The Yard patrons and those who often travel for work, thanks to its many locations in the city.

If you haven’t tried coworking before, you may be unfamiliar with the credits system that many providers use (including The Yard). 

Memberships of all kinds come with credits that make booking out a variety of spaces according to your needs more flexible. 

For example, the open space monthly membership gives you 8 credits that can be used on meeting rooms. The hybrid monthly membership also allots credits that can be used on meeting rooms, conference rooms, different Yard brand locations, and private offices. 

This allows you to store a reserve and dip into it when you need to. If this sounds a bit complicated for you, don’t worry – you can always use the pay-by-the-day option as well.

The Yard has a reputation for its artistic interiors. Check out pictures of the Manhattan space here

4. The Commons

The Commons Manhattan
  • Pricing: Day passes for 8:30 am-5:30 pm start at $35 per day at The Commons. Member subscriptions start at $195 monthly for part-time access and $395 monthly for unlimited access. 

Dedicated desks are more costly at  $525 per month. One to two-person offices start at a cost of $1440 monthly, and for a 4 person private office, the price is $2500. Offices for a team of 5-10 cost $3330 monthly. 

  • Membership options: There are a number of options, which also come with credits to book meeting rooms. 
  • Part-time access for 7 monthly visits with unlimited access
  • Nights and weekends pass with unlimited access at night
  • Part-time subscription
  • Amenities:
    • Height adjusting desks
    • Fast internet (and backup providers) 
    • Serendipitea (complimentary tea!)
    • Complimentary coffee
  • Facilities: 
    • A wellness room for mothers
    • Printing 
    • Sound-engineered quiet phone rooms
    • Large rooms with natural light 
    • Private desks 
    • Meeting rooms.
  • Best for: New mothers who are lactating will appreciate the private wellness room that can be accessed by any user of the Commons. The Commons also boasts lots of natural light (through skylights), greenery, and an airy design for those who can’t stand a stuffy working environment. 

The Commons is a small, attentive coworking facility on Wall street. The Commons opened to provide a coworking space in the Upper East Side which did not previously have a similar facility. 

Today, The Commons is still providing the Upper East Side with some of the best coworking amenities available, as well as a warm community mindset. The Common’s commitment to the community is demonstrated by its partnerships with local businesses. 

Something else that is unique about this space is the therapy offices available for rent. You can rent these for the hour or secure a more permanent office at  [email protected]!

5. WeWork

WeWork Manhattan

And more!

  • Contact: WeWork has dozens of Manhattan locations. Here are a few contacts for three of the popular spaces, but I would recommend using the link above to find the WeWork building that is closest or most convenient for you: 
    • 450 Lexington Ave (+1 646-389-3922) 
    • 500 7th Ave (+1 646-978-9173) 
    • 315 W 36th St. 5th floor (+1 646-809-0619)
  • Pricing: Be aware that different WeWork locations are priced differently, as the size of space and amenities available also vary greatly. Select your chosen location at to determine exact pricing!

    Pricing for a flexible single-person membership is approximately $170 to $204 monthly, depending on available promotions. You may be able to get a 6-month discount at certain promotional windows.  

WeWorkPlus is priced at nearly double – around $430 a month. Daily use passes cost $29/day, and a meeting room starts at $8 per seat per hour. For a dedicated desk for a month, this starts at around $550 monthly. 

  • Membership options: With WeWork basic, you get credits that can be spent as you like on passes to different spaces and meeting rooms at your chosen space. WeworkPlus affords you more credits and more flexibility to work at any of WeWork’s global locations. 
  • Amenities:
    • Some spaces are dog-friendly 
    • Cleaning and desk sanitisation
    • Tech services 
    • Printing 
    • Onsite customer service 
  • Facilities: 
    • Kitchen spaces 
    • Meeting rooms 
    • Private offices 
    • Phone booths
    • Event spaces (at some locations)
    • Lockable wellness rooms for nursing mothers, meditation, and prayer.
  • Best for: WeWork is a Global Coworking organization with many locations in New York and around the globe. This means that it is great for people who live near a WeWork location in Manhattan or who are on the move often.

You will find that with a WeWork membership, the credits system allows you to access a variety of spaces as you travel!  Mothers and dog lovers will also appreciate the effort that WeWork puts into providing dog-friendly spaces and wellness rooms. 

WeWork has been doing Coworking for longer than most and has the formula down pat. 

WeWork is unique in the variety of amenities it offers and in the time and care it takes to keep its spaces beautiful!

If you browse online, you will be able to see the infinite variety of WeWork Manhattan spaces to find one that appeals to your convenience and aesthetic sense. 

Here is a little more detail on the differences between the main monthly memberships (Basic vs Plus): 

  • 80 locations are included in the Basic package, while over 500 global locations included in the Plus
  • Two monthly credits are included in the Basic package, whereas five monthly credits are included in the Plus. 
  • Additionally, Plus members have a 2x larger printing budget. 


In this article, we’ve listed – in our opinion – 2023’s five best coworking spaces in Manhattan. 

This was a hard list to construct! The variety of lovely, community-minded, and dynamic coworking spaces in New York creates very healthy competition. 

Manhattan customers subsequently are able to receive the absolute most out of coworking in the city.

This top 5 list has been presented in no particular order; all of these spaces offer different vibes and advantages for different folks. After all, individual professionals will naturally have different needs when compared to blossoming startups.

Final Recommendations

I would recommend taking a tour or purchasing a day pass before committing to a membership so that you can make sure that the space is right for you!

Also, be sure to check the locations of your chosen coworking space for nearby parking and/or public transport before purchasing a subscription. 

Sometimes, certain spaces look to be in a prime location but take longer to reach due to the proximity of public transport options!

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