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6 Best Coworking Spaces in Philadelphia, 2023

Are you looking for an ideal remote working environment to develop your next big business idea?

Shared workspaces allow freelancers or remote employees to work in a vibrant and cost-efficient environment.

And you’re in luck because, in this article, we will explore and unpack the features of the 6 best co-working spaces in Philadelphia in 2023! 

We’ll dive deep into the location, pricing, amenities, and more so that you can decide which of these flexible spaces will work best for your needs and preferences. This article will cover: 

  • The 6 best coworking spaces in Philadelphia
  • A comprehensive overview of the features and benefits of each, including location, pricing, membership options, amenities, facilities, size of the space, and any other must-know info.

Let’s get into it!

Indy Hall

  • Location: 709 N 2nd St, near the waterfront in the Northern Liberties area.
  • Contact: Schedule a free tour online or in person through their website.
  • Pricing: Guest passes start at $50/day, or you can join for a membership online here.
  • Membership Options: Memberships start at $39/ month, while access to the clubhouse starts at $99/ month.
  • Amenities:
    • Shared kitchen spaces
    • Complimentary coffee and tea
    • Basic printing and scanning
    • Fast Wi-Fi
    • High stories with skyline views.
  • Facilities:
    • Shared desk areas
    • Lounge areas
    • Desk spaces
    • Online coworking community
    • Quiet rooms for calls and meetings.
  • Best For: People who want to work outside of hustle culture environments, and to make new friends in the working space.

Indyhall is a coworking space that prides itself on community and rethinking the dullness of remote or freelance work!

It is a professional yet social clubhouse that starts at affordable rates and endeavors to provide a safe, welcoming, and homely environment.


  • Location: 1100 Ludown Street and 1900 Market Street
  • Contact: Fill out an EOI online here
  • Pricing:
    • $170 to $204 monthly priced per member, depending on available promotions
    • WeWork Plus at about $430 per month
    • Desk plus amenities starts at $29/day
    • Meeting room starts at $8 per seat per hour
    • Dedicated desk for a month at $340 monthly
    • Private, lockable offices are also available at varying price points
  • Amenities:
    • Cleaning (desk space sanitation)
    • The Ludlow Street space is dog-friendly 
    • The Market Street space features a wellness room for clarity and calm during your workday
    • Fast Wi-Fi
    • There is a private, lockable Mother’s room
    • The event space in both locations has fitted sound and lighting controls. 
    • Onsite staff for face-to-face customer service
    • Common areas for “creativity, comfort and productivity”
    • Office supplies, printers, and paper shredders
    • Stocked kitchens with basics such as tea, coffee, condiments, and dairy. 
  • Facilities:
    • Private desks 
    • Shared desks 
    • Meeting rooms of varied sizes
    • A kitchen area 
    • Even spaces 
    • Phone booths 
    • Technology service spaces.
  • Best For: People who like to keep their workday varied and who enjoy a bustling atmosphere. If you are an international worker who passes into Philadelphia often, WeWork will likely be the best option for you.

What makes WeWork one of the best Coworking spaces in Philadelphia is its varied amenities and overall consistency as a popular coworking space. 

WeWork ‘All Access’ is the membership type designed for everyone; “individuals and businesses of all sizes”, in their own words!

This membership is available in both a Basic or Plus version, which are paid monthly. With this membership, credits are used to reserve space, with private offices able to be booked out daily while group meeting rooms can be booked by the hour.

The differences between Plus and Basic are: 

  • Global access level: 80 locations are included in the Basic package, and over 500 global locations are included in the Plus. 
  • Two monthly credits are included in the Basic package, whereas five monthly credits are included in the Plus. Additionally, Plus members have a 2x larger printing budget. 

Paying for a global membership isn’t required to enjoy the Ludlow Street and Market Street locations, and the pay-as-you-go option will give you a chance to check out the space for yourself!

Industrious Philadelphia

Industrious Philadelphia
  • Location: 901 Market Street. Other locations at The Avenue of the Arts (203 S Broad St) and Two Liberty Place (50 South Street)
  • Contact: 215-586-6770, manage bookings with the Industrious App, or use the official website
  • Pricing:
    • Open workspace and private offices start at $299 per month
    • Permanent private office at $593 per month
    • Meeting spaces at $75 hourly
  • Amenities:
    • Office Supplies
    • High-speed, secure Wi-Fi
    • Community events
    • Mail and packaging
    • Social “happy” hours
    • Daily breakfast and snacks.
  • Facilities:
    • A wellness room to unwind and recharge
    • Phone booths for private, quiet calls
    • Event spaces 
    • Conference rooms
    • Private desks 
    • Shared desks 
    • Bike Storage (note: available at Broad St location).
  • Best For: Philadelphia’s artistic and bohemian community, those who live in the inner city, or lone wolf workers.

Industrious Philadelphia is an upmarket, sleek coworking space with a clean aesthetic. Depending on your budget, you can look into the three Philadelphia locations that Industrious has to offer! 

The Yard Philadelphia

The Yard Philadelphia
  • Location: 21 S 11th St., not far from the Philadelphia City Hall.
  • Contact: Schedule a tour, book offices, or join with a monthly membership at the Yard website on the Philadelphia location page here.
  • Pricing: Starts at $300 per month.
  • Membership Options:
    • Range of membership and office space solutions with access to collaborative environments
    • Options for dedicated desk spaces
    • Flexible options (e.g., rooms with up to 7 desks for small teams)
    • Non-member day passes for 30 days.
  • Amenities:
    • Fast speed Wi-Fi
    • Complimentary Coffee and Tea
    • On-site support
    • Printing services 
    • Meeting rooms.
  • Facilities:
    • On-site art gallery
    • Many private offices 
    • Lounge spaces 
    • Phone Booths 
    • Kitchen spaces.
  • Best For: Small businesses with just a few employees and those working in small hybrid teams. Also a great option for newer businesses.

Some important features of this Co-working space are the location, price point, and flexibility. 

While it may not boast as many amenities as the larger Co-working spaces around Philadelphia, this option benefits from keeping things sweet and simple. 

Not everyone needs an office that doubles as a home, gym, and social hotspot! I’d recommend The Yard for the pragmatists amongst us. 

Task Up

Task Up
  • Location: 104 S. 20th Street in the Center City West Area
  • Contact: Official Task Up website
  • Pricing: As low as $225 per month
  • Membership Options:
    • 4-person exclusive team office at $1000 per month
    • Flex Desk pass for individuals at $225 per month.
  • Amenities:
    • Wi-Fi and high-speed ethernet 
    • An office manager
    • Conference resources (projector, whiteboard) 
    • Coffee and Water station
    • CCTV
    • Smart TVs. 
  • Facilities:
    • Workshop rooms 
    • Conference rooms 
    • Flexible lounge/workspaces 
    • Private offices for small and large teams 
    • Creative rooms.
  • Best For: Team-oriented spaces for coworking groups of between 4 and 10 people who share hours and need to collaborate together in a dedicated location. Also ideal for those who want a quiet and intimate working environment.

Task Up offers a variety of spaces, and because monthly membership is very popular, it is a great option for small businesses based in Philadelphia!

Although all of the spaces listed have lovely interiors, Task Up offers lots of window views and is designed to let in natural light to the work day. 

It is important to note that Task Up is responsible for listings at some spaces that are not Task Up owned/managed. If you think Task Up is for you, take note of this when you head to their website. 

Kismet Cowork

Kismet Cowork
  • Location: 4131 Main St right beside the Schuylkill River
  • Contact: 215-833-1102
  • Pricing: Starts at $250 per month
  • Membership Options:
    • Floating desk with 24/7 shared space access at $350 per month
    • Designated desk with secure storage at $450 per month
    • Private office at $1,000 per month.
  • Amenities:
    • Fast Wi-Fi
    • Front desk service 
    • Coffee lounge and snacks 
    • Mail and package handling 
    • Printing and scanning.
  • Facilities:
    • Private offices 
    • Comfortable spaces 
    • Events that are “fun and educational” 
    • Event rental space 
    • Conference rooms.
  • Best For: For those that focus on innovation and events as the spaces are designed for sleek networking events and presentations. 

Kismet is a no-nonsense coworking space with a great location. It is an event hub that involves networking along with workweek working. 

As covered above, Kismet’s many and varied event spaces make it an ideal pick for established businesses that intend to meet and present often. 


To summarize, coworking spaces are not only ideal for getting tasks completed but also for establishing new social and networking endeavors!

It’s safe to say that Philadelphia is a great location for coworking companies to thrive and compete to offer the best member experience. 

Investment in a Philadelphia coworking space can help locals and visitors feel like their remote or freelance work is not a ball and chain, but rather a ticket into a community of other enthusiastic professionals.

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