Best silicone travel bottles

The Best Silicone Travel Bottles for Digital Nomads

Within the last few years, consciousness regarding the environment has constantly grown. The scientists who focused their research on plastic helped many to open their eyes and see how problematic the most popular material in the world is. People realized that it is bad not only for the planet that is regularly covered in piles of single-use items, plastic bags, and bottles but also for human health. Because of this, it is not surprising that lots of people decide to reduce their impact on the Earth by choosing reusable products and reach for various alternatives to single-use plastic items.

This ecological revolution also reached digital nomads, who often see with their own eyes how pernicious it can be to use plastic. Swapping single-use plastic cosmetics bottles for reusable containers is one of the ways to reduce the bad influence of humans on nature. And it is not hard to notice that durable, more ecological products are often also great for the wallet.

Packing for a trip can be stressful and sometimes confusing, especially when there is limited space in the baggage. This is why it is important to wisely choose each item that you pack. Including, of course, containers with cosmetics. There is a lot of offers on the market, created with various materials, but one is especially worth taking notice of: silicone. It is currently one of the best-known alternatives for plastic and is widely used to produce food and cosmetic containers, reusable coffee cups, and collapsible water bottles.

In this article, you can find a review and comparison of silicone travel bottles. We present you with the most interesting options, including their pros, cons, and the most important hallmarks.

At a Glance

  • Dot&Dot – perfect choice for those who need labelling;
  • AusKitideal option for inferior standard showers;
  • V-TOP – perfect choice for thick liquids: creams, shaving foams, fluids;
  • Zafit – excellent option for those who love a variety of sizes and colors;
  • Animal shaped bottles – ideal for kids, animal lovers and gift makers;
  • GoToob – the original choice;
  • LinkedIdea – perfect for the time of the pandemic;
  • Valourgo – the ideal option for those who like choice and comfort;
  • Standie – the most variable choices;
  • Kiasonathe best alternative for minimum waste lovers and long-duration travelers.

Best Travel Bottles for Cosmetics


Dot&Dot travel bottles come with a transparent cosmetic bag that fits all of them without an issue. You can order these leakproof containers in three different sizes: three, two, and one and a quarter-ounce bottle sets. They are TSA approved, so you can be calm about hand luggage requirements and worry-free go to the security control with Dot&Dot in your backpack. This set is BPA-free. Because of this, it is a safe choice to store both cosmetics and food. Embedded in the containers’ lids are preprinted labels with the name of cosmetics. No more worrying that you can apply conditioner before using shampoo or brush your teeth with night face cream.


  • Variety of pastel colors to choose from
  • Safe to clean in a dishwasher, on the upper rack
  • Suitable for carry-on luggage
  • Leakproof technology
  • BPA-free
  • Safe to store food
  • Preprinted labels in the lids


  • No option to personalize cosmetic name label
  • Sets of bottles only come in one size. There is no option to mix bottle sizes within the set


AusKit – These leak-proof containers are perfect for those who hate cosmetics bottles floating in the bottom of the shower. A perfectly designed lanyard allows you to hang the bottle under the shower. It is also a perfect choice if you are going for a hike or simply want to have sanitizer in a bottle, and you can hang the lanyard around your neck. No matter if you are staying in a campsite or you end up in a cheap hostel with disgusting showers, you can use the lanyard to hang cosmetics on your neck and be worry-free about ground conditions. They are a perfect choice for small luggage as they come in 3.3 oz size. The wide mouth of the containers makes them easy to fill and clean. The lid is designed with a special ID window. You can simply rotate the lid to choose if the product that you put in there is soap, shampoo, conditioner, or sunscreen.


  • BPA – free
  • Squeezable
  • Toiletry bag included
  • Suction cups
  • Airplane carry-on approved
  • Food-safe
  • ID window


  • They are relatively more expensive than other options on the market
  • No option to personalize cosmetics name labels


V-TOP containers are a perfect choice for thicker cosmetics such as creams, hair conditioners, or shaving cream. They do not have as much leak protection as bottles, so it’s best to avoid using them for very liquid cosmetics. You can choose between 4oz and 2oz sizes, depending on your needs. You can also use these boxes to store colored cosmetics like lip balms, powders, or fluids. V-TOP containers are flexible enough to be reversed, so you can avoid any waste of your favorite products. They are also a perfect choice to safely transfer pills or jewelry.


  • BPA-free
  • Safe for storing food
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for thicker cosmetics
  • Suitable for safely transporting pills or jewelry


  • Lower leaking protection
  • Comes in just two sizes. 4-ounces size could be too big for hand luggage and 2 – ounces might not be big enough for the duration of your trip


Zafit offers travel bottle sets that include various items. The transparent cosmetic bag comes with a set, has a zipper, and is nicely designed. It easily accommodates four bottles of 3 -ounces, four cream boxes, and two toothbrush covers. All the containers are suitable for hand luggage. Bottles are made of 100% BPA free silicone. They can be safely used for food. However, cream boxes were made with PP material, which means they include plastic.


  • Different sizes and types of containers
  • Containers for creams
  • Transparent cosmetic bag with zipper in the set
  • BPA free bottles, safe for food


  • Use of plastic
  • No cosmetic labels included

Animal Shaped Bottles

Animal shaped bottles are a perfect idea for a cute present for travel lovers (even if it means it’s a present for yourself). Along with a charming design, these containers are leak-proof and easy to refill and clean. They come in a set of three and, because of their small size and low weight, they are perfect bottles for backpackers who want to limit the weight of their luggage. Friendly giraffes, hippos, and donkeys can also be a great choice for a child’s first journey or camping trip. These bottles have suction cups, so it is easy to attach them to the tails or mirror, avoiding having contact with the wet floor or bending over to pick them up while showering.


  • Unique design, perfect as a gift
  • Leak-proof technology
  • The wide mouths of the bottles allow for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Very light, perfect for kids and limited luggage backpackers
  • Suction cups


  • Along with silicone, bottles also include PP
  • No labels to mark cosmetics


The Humangear GoToob set offers three-packs of three-ounce bottles that are easy to squeeze and get literally the last drop of your soap or shampoo out. Additionally, they have suctions cups attached, so you can attach them to the wall while taking a shower. No more bottles floating on the dirty hostel shower floors! Humangear takes its words very seriously. It ensures the durability of the products and even gives you a life-time warranty for this travel kit. What is interesting about GoToob is that it has created the first patented squeezable silicone bottle ever. It was designed in a way that is leak-free and drip-free even when it’s hanging open. Currently, Humagear offers sets of containers in different shapes, colors and sizes.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Suction cups
  • Airplane carry on approved
  • Food-safe
  • BPA -free


  • None


Hand sanitizer has become an everyday use item. LinkedIdea offers a set of three beautifully designed bottles for this product. A lengthened lanyard is attached to the container. You can attach it to your luggage, backpack, or purse, and use it any time you want, without touching other personal items. Because of the regulated length of the lanyard, it is easy to reach for the bottle. These containers are very easy to clean and refill thanks to the wide opening. Their lids were designed with a leak-proof technology to keep even thin liquids in the right place.


  • Lanyard with length regulation
  • Leaking-proof technology
  • Cabin luggage size


  • The small size of one and three ounce (may require refilling more often)


Valourgo travel bottles for toiletries come in a set of four. Two transparent and two blue containers have a simple, yet very useful, design. With three layers, the leak-proof cover protects your luggage from any unwanted cosmetic flood. 3- and 4-ounces sizes make these containers suitable for hand luggage. The bottles can be both hung with a lanyard as well as fixed using suction cups. This simple design makes your daily showers more comfortable even in extreme conditions.

Valourgo travel bottles are the perfect choice if you stay in hostels or camping grounds. Each of the containers has an ID window in which you can expose one of the six labels. Five of them include names of cosmetics written in silver: shampoo, soap, lotion, cond (for conditioner) and sun (for sunscreen). This makes identification of the liquid very easy. Additionally, there is one blank label, which you can use for another cosmetic, with your own name. The Valourgo set is BPA Free and you can safely store food in them, too.


  • Design and shape that does not take up a lot of space
  • Labels with an extra label for a personalized cosmetic
  • Leak-proof cover
  • Possibility to hang it with a lanyard
  • Suction cup
  • Safe for storing food
  • BPA free


  • One size set only


Standie offers a cosmetic bag that includes containers of various sizes and shapes. A transparent zipper bag easily carries two 80 milliliters bottles, two 60 milliliters bottles, two 38 milliliters bottles and four cream boxes in different sizes. In a set, you also get two toothbrush covers and four spatulas that makes transferring cosmetics from bigger containers into small ones easier. Because of the number of containers, it is a perfect choice for people who travel in pairs or for those who enjoy having different kinds of beautifiers while travelling.

Standie’s containers are suitable for food, do not leak (including cream boxes that have an extra anti-leaking layer) and are compression resistant.


  • Low price
  • Variety of sizes
  • Anti-leaking technology
  • Includes cream containers and spatulas
  • Suitable for carry-on luggage


  • Lack of name tags


If you are living a minimum-waste lifestyle or you are simply not a big fan of liquid cosmetics, the right choice for you can be a box with a silicone stripe for a bar of soap. Kiasona offers a box, inside which a sponge mat prevents an extra amount of fluid from appearing. This helps the soap remain dry and prevents bacteria from arising on your cosmetics. You can carry your soap or solid shampoo in your hand luggage and, as it is firm, it is not counted as a liquid, so you don’t have to worry about showing these cosmetics while going through the security control at the airport. Solid soap or shampoo lasts longer than fluid cosmetics and this is why it is a great choice if you are planning longer travels.


  • Ideal for long trips
  • Bacteria prevention technology
  • No need to take it out of your luggage while having safety control at the airport


  • A large part made of plastic material
  • One size option

Why Use a Silicone Travel Bottle?

Using silicone travel bottles is one of the most ecological choices you can make while considering buying travel containers. Silicone has higher resistance and duration than plastic and it’s made in a more ecofriendly way. This is why it is also an economical choice. Silicone bottles can last years. Choosing this type of material allows you to enjoy the comfort of squeezable bottles and prevent wasting cosmetics that remain in other types of bottles. Most of them are much easier to refill and clean in comparison to the plastic options, as they include a wide and elastic mouth.

Silicone is very often Bisphenol A Free, which is why it is safe to use it with food. Silicone is also a material that is suitable for vegans as it has no material that comes from animals. Because of silicone, bottles are more resilient for squeezing into your luggage and are leak proof.

After emptying, most of the silicone containers can be folded and, as an effect, give you more space in your luggage to pack some unique souvenirs from your travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is silicone and why should we use it?

Silicones are polymers made up of a chain of alternating atoms of silicone with atoms of oxygen. They are often combined with hydrogen or carbon. Silicon is not the same as silicone. While silicon can be found in nature, for example in sand, silicone is a chemical structure created by humans. It has low toxicity and high-temperature resistance, and this is why it is often used for storing food or cosmetics.

Is all silicone vegan?

Yes. Silicone is considered 100% vegan. Even though some of the materials available on the market and marked as vegan raise some doubts, silicone is fully approved by PETA. While buying silicone bottles, the only thing you should pay attention to is the extra ingredients that might be added to the bottle and might not be vegan.

Why silicone travel bottles are better than plastic ones?

Plastic, even though it seems durable (as it doesn’t decompose for thousands of years), is less resilient than silicone and can easily break under the pressure of the luggage, making a big mess in your suitcase or backpack. Silicone bottles do not leak. Moreover, choosing natural materials, you help the planet.

I want to get rid of the smell of the previous cosmetic from my bottle. How do I do it?

Sometimes, silicone bottles can keep the smell of previously used cosmetics or food. However, it is pretty easy to get rid of it. As silicone is highly heat resistant, you can boil it for 5 minutes in water with a bit of baking soda. This not only helps you to remove the smell but also sterilize your bottle.

Is my bottle BPA Free?

The majority of silicone containers are BPA Free. However, everything depends on the brand of the bottle. This is why you should verify this information with a producer.

Why use a travel bottle instead of the original bottle for a product?

You can be sure that a good silicone bottle is TSA-regulation size and leak poof. Travel bottles are designed to save room in your luggage so they fit better than standard product bottles. Small bottles of cosmetics are usually not economical, so transferring your favorite cosmetics from bigger containers helps you to save money.

Are silicone travel bottles a good idea for a gift?

Yes. Silicone travel bottles are more resilient but often a bit more expensive than plastic bottles. They come in different shapes and beautiful designs. This is why they are a good idea for a present for digital nomads and travelers.

Can I store any product in silicone bottles?

Even though silicone containers are safe in use for both cosmetics and food storage, and a more ecological alternative to plastic, they have their limitations. There is quite a wide variety of products that should not be put in silicone bottles. This includes all liquids and solids that have in their composition alcohol, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide or… silicone itself. Before choosing containers made of this material you should check the ingredients of your personal products, especially anti-acne creams, mouthwashes, personal lubricants and shaving creams.

Most natural cosmetics do not include these substances. However, it is always better to double-check. The mentioned products can react with a silicone tube, altering the cosmetic or damaging the bottle, or even destroying or changing the chemical properties of both package and cosmetic.

As the market offers so many options of silicone containers, it may seem hard to choose the perfect one. The most important thing while choosing a perfect set is considering your personal needs, the type of travelling you are into the most, and the conditions of the places where you may use your cosmetics. You can also consider how many cosmetics you usually use while travelling. If you are a minimalist in that matter, a box for solid shampoo or soap most probably be enough for you. Sets with various sizes and types of containers are a good choice when you usually share your cosmetics bag with a friend, partner, parent, or kids. It can also be a wonderful choice if you simply love advanced skin and/or beauty care.

All of the presented options are suitable for cabin size luggage, so you don’t have to be worried about passing security control. Even though the decision of exactly which set of silicone containers you should choose may be a bit complicated, you can be sure that you made the right choice swapping for multiple use bottles. You not only save money but also the planet by refusing to buy travel-size cosmetics or using ones that you can find in your hotel room. Silicone containers can last you for years and be a resistant, comforting, and loyal friend in all of your journeys, those personal and close ones, and those around the world.

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