How to be a good Airbnb guest

How to Be an Awesome Airbnb Guest

Staying in an Airbnb is the preferred method for many digital nomads, especially for longer-term stays. It provides the privacy for work that they need, without a 5-star hotel price tag. Over the last several years, Airbnb has gained a monopoly in the accommodation market. The convenience, affordability, and an impressive interface make the app easy to navigate for practically anyone. For those that have never used Airbnb, it is a free website that connects people all over the world with others that have personal services or products to offer. The breakdown really diverges between homes and experiences. The homes section provides you with a unique stay in a home, flat, apartment, yurt, campervan, (really anything you can imagine), as opposed to the cookie-cutter hotels that have maintained the status quo for so many years.

I’m sure we’ve all had a bad weekend with an inconsiderate houseguest, whether friend, family, or acquaintance. Now with Airbnb’s cutting edge platform, accountability is being focused on to provide everyone with the best possible experience. You are able to see honest reviews of hosts from confirmed guests, and hosts can see reviews of you from other hosts. So it stands to reason that having a stellar profile rating will boost your chances of being accepted for any booking you are hoping for. Here’s how to make sure you are always welcomed back with open arms in any country you are staying at!

1. Communication is key

The biggest grievance hosts have is with a lack of honest information sharing. Communicating with your host about how many guests you will be traveling with (DON’T lie!), your arrival and departure times, and location are absolutely essential. Be sure to thoroughly read the listing, as it typically provides most of the information you may have questions about. Digital nomads can send the owner a message prior to booking if they would like to inquire about Wi-Fi speed and reliability (send them a link to Speedtest and ask for a screenshot back of the results).  

Hosts will often be appreciative of some background information, like where you are from, what is bringing you to their home, and questions that show your desire to learn more about the area you are visiting. Showing interest in your destination this way gives the host great conversation starters, and will allow them to give you any recommendations they have on experiences you may be looking for!

2. Respect their time

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is so easy to get side-tracked in all of your planning and booking, that you simply forget your host’s time is just as valuable as yours. Make sure you respect their time by carefully noting the listed check-in and checkout times. Showing up and leaving when you say you will, goes a long way in the mind of any host. Things do happen occasionally that are unavoidable, such as flight delays or cancellations. Provide them with your flight number ahead of time so that they can look it up if they haven’t heard from you. If you are interested in a different check-in or check-out schedule, send them a message inquiring about flexibility.

3. Leave your new space as you found it

Every host is different, and they often don’t expect too much of anything in the cleaning department. But paying it forward and treating their belongings as your own is a wonderful way to say thank you for their hospitality. Save a few extra minutes at the end of your stay to take out the trash, wash and put away any dirty dishes, and make the bed.

4. A “Thank You” Gift

A gift is a nice touch to add to your farewells if you felt your stay was better than expected. Something small such as a thank you note with flowers will make you a huge standout guest in the eyes of any host.

5. Give an honest review

At the end of your stay, the Airbnb app will prompt you to leave a review of your experience at the listing. This review doesn’t take much time and can significantly help the host in learning what people like, don’t like, and what they might need to change or make people aware of in the future. \

Tell us about your best, or worst, experience with Airbnb accommodation in the comments below!

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