how to become a content creator?

How to Become a Content Creator in 2021

Eager to learn how to become a content creator in 2021? We have just the tips for you! In today’s abundantly digitalized society, we’re surrounded by content but rarely do we perceive it as such. We rarely stop and think about the person who made the visual for that ad on Facebook, or the person who took that stunning photo we saw on Instagram. Much of what we are entertained and intrigued by is made by content creators, who work hard to bring something valuable in front of our eyes. 

If you want to learn how to become a content creator in 2021, let’s take a look at everything that goes into content creation, and the things you should do before delving into the digital, exciting world of content geniuses. 

First thing’s first – let’s look into the concept of content creators. 

What are Content Creators? 

If you go and ask around how to become a content creator in 2021, you will first have to learn what a content creator is. Chances are, you’ll come across many different answers, but rarely find a precise one. To people on the outside, it’s easy to say that content creators are simply people who put their imaginative ideas in various different forms and publish them as social media posts, videos, emails, or other types of content.

But surely you wouldn’t think it’s as simple as that would you? While it all boils down to that, there’s a lot more that goes into the process of content creation. Content creators provide valuable information to the digital world and put order and value to disorganized thoughts of a specific topic of interest among a target audience. Imagine all of the available information you can get on the internet on a single topic and then, imagine a content creator trying to bring that closer to you through different types of content in a creative and easy-to-understand manner. 

Content Creators vs Influencers 

It seems nowadays, the terms content creator and influencer have become interchangeable but they represent two different things, or they did, at least. If you want to become successful in these waters then you’ll surely need to make a clear distinction. 

Content creators aren’t simply people who make content. They’re writers, photographers, artists, videographers, and video editors who create artistic content that truly stands out. Anyone can snap a photo of their fancy Sunday brunch but it takes a content creator to present that in a creative way and make you wish like you’re eating it instead of them. 

While influencers are also considered content creators as they do create content as well, at least in part, they’re mostly focused on engagement and large followings. Naturally, this makes it possible for them to also ‘influence’ their audience into buying certain products based on their recommendations. Yes, influencers are also content creators, however, their purpose behind it is different and far more self-oriented, whereas with proper content creators, you don’t just get a product recommendation but researched, intriguing and engaging information, too.

When and How to Become a Content Writer in 2021? 

It seems there is no better time to become a content creator than 2021 with so many new social media platforms popping about. The pandemic that thrust the world into quarantine also created favourable grounds for many creators to find their online voice and attract a large audience that’s willing to listen.  

The ongoing quarantine also changed people’s perception in general and made them turn their backs on big corporations and instead, turn towards small businesses and independent content creators of all sorts. The climate for aspiring content creators is more than suitable, so if you’re thinking of delving into it, now is a perfect time. Moreover, if you’re interested in how to become a successful content creator in 2021, take out your pen and paper, because there are a few things you need to keep in mind during the process. 

Consider the Type of Content 

video maker

There are many different types of content in the online world, and if you truly want to take it up, you need to know everything before you start. Once you choose the format you want your content to be delivered in, it’ll be easy for you to take the next steps and learn how to become a content creator in 2021. Let’s take a look at the four major types of content and what you could do with them. 


The most popular format, you’ve surely noticed how even brands have opted for video promotions. This type of content tells a story through short or long videos that can be uploaded virtually anywhere: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even on LinkedIn. Video content can be applied to almost any niche and it can be in many different formats, from the short 30-second reels on Instagram and TikTok to longer formats, supported on Youtube. You can create vlogs, informational videos, video listicles, and so much more. It is all up to your creativity and chosen niche, just find a way to make videos that tell compelling stories that stand out from the herd. 


Podcasts, previously called ‘audio blogging, date back to the 1980s and gained popularity with the introduction of broadband internet and portable audio devices, like the iPod – hence the name podcast. In recent years, they’ve come back in fashion with podcasts ranging from self-help motivational podcasts to talk-shows and everything in between. With a good quality mic and recording set and immersive stories to tell, you can create your own podcast and captivate your audience. 


Written type of content is perhaps the most diverse one and gives you more options to choose from. You can try blogging, email marketing, e-books, case studies, white papers – the possibilities are endless! You can become a content or copywriter and curate content for other blogs and pages. There are many possibilities with written content if you are able to play around with words in a way that captivates your audience.


Believe it or not, graphic designers and photographers are highly sought after because of their way of telling stories through a single picture. It’s a great way of saying a lot without saying anything at all. Influencers, for example, rely mostly on captivating and engaging with audiences through eye-catching visuals. And it is no lie that we’re visual creatures, so we do like to look at things – perhaps even more than reading them.

How to Choose Your Niche?

Now that we’ve gone over some popular content formats, the next step would be to choose your niche. What do you want to talk about? What do you want your audience to know? What do you have to say? The possibilities are endless! You could write about travelling, photography, food, gaming – anything that you are passionate about and would like to share with others. 

However, it is very important to choose a niche or two, ones you feel most comfortable with, and just stick to it. Because, imagine seeing your favourite Youtuber, who was initially sharing interesting cooking recipes, suddenly starts uploading game playthroughs, makeup tutorials, and DIY types of videos. You’d be surprised right? Nothing really goes together, they’re all different topics and niches, and before you know it, you went from a Witcher 3 Playthrough video to ‘Full Face of Kids Makeup Challenge’. 

And while it isn’t an odd thing for a creator to change their initial niche, it’s never a good idea to span out on too many topics at once. Not in the beginning, not even later. So if you do choose to tackle more than one topic, don’t go overboard and find a good common denominator to tie them all together. Perhaps choose niches that are similar or complementary, or find a way to tie two different topics that seem unrelated to one another but might interest other people, too. 

And at the end of the day, it all boils down to what you’re good at. Are you good at taking stunning photos and love to travel? Start your own travelling blog and share photos, recommendations, and reviews of popular destinations.

What Kind of Creator Will You Be? 

In learning how to become a content creator in 2021, you have chosen your type of content, and then, your niche. Now it’s time to choose what kind of creator you’ll be. Will you be the entertainer? The one who provides comic relief even when dealing with difficult topics? Or perhaps the wholesome one who will capture the hearts of the audience through your content? 

Whichever route you decide to take, make sure you stick with it. It’s important to be consistent with your persona so people can connect with you by getting to know you better. There’s also the question of whether you’ll be a content creator or an influencer or a mastermind that will skillfully focus on both? In the process, keep in mind that people are always after by originality, uniqueness, and pizzaz, so give your chosen content the X factor it deserves. 

Find Your Perfect Platform 

social media

It seems that learning how to become a content creator in 2021 requires a lot of steps and feels like fitting pieces of a puzzle. Once the first few are placed, the next piece you need to fit in is to find the perfect platform for showcasing your content. Is it going to be Instagram, Youtube, Medium, or maybe even Tiktok? The possibilities are abundant, and it’s up to you to pick the most appropriate one. But, also make sure to know what type of content you want to create beforehand so that you can choose the best place for you in the online world. 

You can also be present at several different platforms but you have to have one where your main audience will be. Want to make educational videos about proper skincare? Opt for Youtube. Want to share your photography and showcase your portfolio? Go for Instagram. Want to do both? Do both, no one’s stopping you! Share your stunning product photography on Instagram and link it with your Youtube videos on proper skincare. Think about the tie that binds all of your content together and makes it fit across various different platforms. 

That being said, while it’s good to be present, it is not ideal to do it excessively. People will get bored of you quickly and honestly, you will be managing twenty different things and once, and half as good. 

The reality is that you cannot create content for more than 2 or 3 platforms as they each have different types of content. You’ll lose your consistency in creating and posting and thus your quality too. Content creation isn’t just about an improvised piece made in the spur of the moment. It is also about creating high-quality, value-driven content and spreading the word where people want to listen. And if you want to make money off of it, then consistency and quality are key, as is landing yourself on the most apt platforms.

Create Value-Driven Content

If I watch your video or read your blog, what will I get out of it? This is the unasked question of your potential audience – and your need to answer it. If you don’t know the answer to it, then you’ve missed your mark and lost a great chance at succeeding. Quality content is not just about creating something for the sake of creating, it needs to be of value to the audience you are addressing. First and foremost,  you need to find out how to stand out and capture every fan’s and potential follower’s attention and then, bring that ace out of your sleeve and give them a few enough reasons to stay and continue to support you!

Content that has little to no value is not interesting to people at all, and will hardly do anything to keep their attention for long enough, let alone make them follow your work. Putting value into your projects, however, will create more engaging content that your audience will appreciate and relate to. These meaningful connections with your audience will help you create a stable community in the long run and will ensure you a solid fanbase you get to impress.

Steer Clear of Plagiarized Content

It should go without saying, but too many creators still go down the rabbit hole and lose their personal touch by trying to plagiarize other people’s works. We all look to people we admire for inspiration but there comes a time when either unconsciously or otherwise, this comes to blend into your work. While copying is the highest form of flattery, you are not looking to become a tribute act, so find your original voice as early as possible. 

Before you start creating content, by all means, look around and see what your potential competition is doing. There is knowledge in being inspired by your rivals. Always notice how you can make yourself stand out against the crowd waiting to dethrone you.
See what works for others and try to make it different yet yours, all the while keeping in mind that what worked for some might not work for you. Strive to obtain uniqueness, and present engaging and value-driven content, based on what your audience wants to see. Nothing drags you down and ruins your credibility faster than plagiarism, you better trust and believe it.

Learn to Read Your Analytics 

You might not be a fan of math but, sorry to say, numbers are your friends. How to become a content creator in 2021? By first learning to read your analytics. They’re important for you, so that you know if what you’re doing is good or not and if people actually like your content. Analytics is your feedback. Imagine taking a test in high school and you never receive a grade. You took the test for nothing and you don’t know how to proceed. Do you need to study more? Did you actually do good? 

The same thing applies to your content, so if you don’t receive feedback, you’re simply running around in circles. If you learn how to read your analytics, you’ll know what is the best time to post for your audience, what type of content do they like the most, what’s the amount of people who scroll through your stories, what’s your audience demographic, and else. Bottom line is, numbers are your friend, a good indicator of your work, and can help keep track of your success.

Follow the Ongoing Trends

online trends

No matter what niche you decide to go forward with, and regardless of your platform and type of content, trends that you’d need to follow are bound to come along. You can’t really wear a juicy couture tracksuit to a 2021 Prada show, can you? You need to follow the trends of content creation so that you can be up to date and flesh out current and interesting content. 

Just a few years back it was a trend for videos to be extremely edited, especially vlogs. We are talking obnoxious zoom-ins, voice distortions, random memes popping out, awkward freeze frames, the only thing missing was the much-needed sign for extremely flashy content! Every single video you’d come across was like this, as it was the trend at the time. However, if you were to come out with a heavily edited video today, it won’t do nearly as well as it would have back in the day. 

Of course, when learning how to become content creator in 2021, you’ll find it is all about simplicity, authenticity, and going back to the basics.

Therefore, you’ll need to always be able to read the room, know your audience and follow the trends. You don’t always have to apply them to your content, but you need to be aware of what’s in ‘fashion’ and what isn’t, in order to keep your content relevant and entertaining. 

Invest in Yourself & Your Content

You have asked yourself the question – how to become a content creator in 2021 – and that’s brought you to this article. That’s great news because you’ve made the first step towards investing in yourself. Much like programming, content creation is something that you don’t ever stop learning. It is a continuous process of gradual improvement and life-long learning. You need to accept that you will never know anything and everything about content creation and that’s quite alright. Because if you are aware that you don’t know something, you’ll make a conscious effort to learn it. 

Investing in yourself is very crucial for your growth as a content creator. When you first started reading this article you probably had no idea how to become a content creator in 2021. Now, almost at the end, you still don’t have the entire know-how, but you’ve started to learn and that’s what matters. Always look for new ways to improve yourself and expand your skills, in order to nurture your craft and grow your community by providing them with high-quality content.

How to Become a Content Creator in 2021: The Verdict

The internet is currently filled with many articles, educational videos, tutorials, and even paid courses that teach you how to become a content creator in 2021. Only reading about it might suffice, but instead of getting analysis paralysis and ending up confused, it is best you get exploring and experimenting and putting all useful tips into practice.  

After all, content creation isn’t just about other people, it is about you being good at something and wanting to share it with the world. 

Start thinking about what it is that you want to tell your audience – and find the perfect way to say it. Stand by your niche, appreciate your audience, and never lack in top-notch content. Moreover, build your community on solid grounds, then nurture it, grow it, and connect with it in a bonding fashion. All of this goes into content creation but the most important thing is to always be authentic, genuine, and of course, yourself!

Hopefully, this article helped you learn a bit about how to become a content creator in 2021. Remember, this is written content on behalf of Digital Nomad, so if you ever need to remind yourself of a tip or two, you’ll find it right here!

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