Tips on how to travel with your partner

Things to Consider before Traveling with Your Partner

The idea of traveling alone can be scary for many people. Some digital nomads remedy this natural fear by adventuring with their significant other. Others find the idea of exploring with their partner to be completely anxiety inducing. This is a healthy worry because traveling is an extremely stressful experience that can test any relationship.

Traveling together will bring new challenges and triumphs to your partnership. For many couples, it ultimately brings them closer together to share some pretty awesome memories. If you’re feeling a bit leery, check out some of our tips so you can be more prepared for your next adventure together!

1. Evaluate and understand what type of personality you are

Dig deep and assess how you handle new situations. No trip ever goes exactly as planned, there will be good and bad bumps along the way. Some people enjoy having lists and written out activities with maps, while others are more go with the flow. Either way – you are awesome!

2. Learn – and accept – what type of personality your partner is

This one is sometimes harder, but it is absolutely essential in having a successful trip. Managing your expectations of each other on this adventure and even through the planning process will make things easier and a lot more fun!

This tip is especially key for digital nomads, who will most likely have some degree of working to do during an adventure. Make sure to set a realistic goal for the amount of time you will need to be alone and focused on your workload. Is your partner someone that is going to struggle finding things to do? Or will they make the most of your time away?

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 again – but for real this time

4. An affinity for the same experiences

A Couple biking together

Do you like to layout on the beach, while he or she prefers the museums? Determining if you are a relaxer, a constant mover, or somewhere in between will be helpful in deciding how travel compatible you are. Taking a day at the spa while he or she goes snorkeling is fine. But there should be a level of similar interest in activities if you two are to be connecting and sharing new adventures together.

5. Communicate about the future

Where do you both see the relationship going? I know – heavy question! But it is so important, especially if you are going to be spending a good chunk of change on an amazing trip together. If both of you have intentions of building the relationship into a long term commitment – then this voyage can hopefully be an affirmation of your growing connection. If both of you see this as something fun, but you aren’t really sure – that is great too! However, you both need to be prepared to share those kinds of memories with someone that might be temporary. And the no-go – if you and your partner are not in the same headspace with where you see the relationship going. Don’t spend a dime on a trip together. Save yourself the money and invested time!

6. Have an honest and open money talk

Finances can be an uncomfortable topic for many people to discuss with their partners. However, having you or your significant other in a bad money spot after your trip can lead to major resentment. Sit down together and honestly gauge what a feasible budget would look like for each of you. If your numbers are looking different than his or hers, discuss where you can compromise.

7. Take a test trip

Go on a closer weekend adventure with him or her. Find a new place to check out within a reasonable distance from your home base and explore, just the two of you. It’ll be eye opening for the both of you to experience how the other acts when they are out of their routine.

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is unique, beautiful, and sometimes strange. If you’re lucky enough to have found a person willing to experience this crazy ride with you, breathe easy! No matter what, your adventure together will provide you with incredible lessons for life down the road.

What advice do you have for traveling with a partner? Tell us about what you’ve learned along the way in the comments below!

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